Free Migrations

Migrating all of your websites to us is always easy and always free.

Migrating a site (or sites) can often be a huge roadblock when it comes to switching hosts. Whether you're worried about downtime, functionality, or any other migration issues, Pressable has you covered. We've worked hand in hand with the experts at BlogVault and developed a plugin that makes migrating WordPress websites easy. Simply download the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Repository and follow the prompts. Migrating has never been easier. If you'd rather let us take care of the heavy lifting, just submit a migration request form to our support team and our experts will migrate your sites for you.

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    Let our WordPress experts migrate your sites for you and save time and money.

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    Our team is available 24/7 to help with migrations of any size.

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    Submit a migration form in your myPressable Control Panel or submit a ticket directly.

During the migration process, our team analyzes every site we migrate to ensure top performance on our servers. If we find something slowing you down, something broken, or a security risk, we let you know. If there are immediate things we can take action on, like installing an SSL certificate or removing an unused plugin, we'll easily take care of them for you. Otherwise we'll help guide you in the right direction to take necessary steps and get your sites running at 100%.

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