Multiserver Environment

You’ve probably heard of “noisy neighbors” when it comes to sharing a server, but at Pressable, we’ve worked to make sure your neighbors are as friendly as they come. Our powerful 12 server environment is built to power your sites even as they scale , when you need it. No need for a system administrator or additional overhead. Available dedicated hardware and built-in failover means that we have equipment ready to take over automatically if the main systems aren’t running up to par. Your site’s availability won’t be impacted.

Enterprise Architecture For All

Physical Servers

Get all the power of physical servers for any site you host with us.

Multiple Redundancies

Sites can scale with peace of mind, knowing we have resources in place to handle spikes in traffic and busy sites.

Top-Notch Security

Servers are monitored 24/7 and action is taken on anything out of the ordinary.

Award-Winning Support

Experience worry-free hosting with our expert team of WordPress support techs.