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You have the perfect web design, the perfect marketing plan, and the perfect product (of course), but your e-commerce business just isn’t doing nearly as well as you’d hoped.

It might be time to look into a new managed WordPress hosting provider. Who you choose to host your site affects your site’s speed, reliability, customer loyalty, SEO, you name it. Hosting an e-commerce store takes a special type of host, one that can handle sudden increases in traffic and lots of secure information. You need a WooCommerce expert, but all the choices out there are overwhelming.

Here are some things to look for in your next managed WordPress host.

They have the resources to handle your site traffic

It’s in the job title—your host has to be able to host your site. You need guarantees that your site will be speedy and reliable. You don’t have to be in the business long before you hear the stats: 40% of users will leave a site that takes more than three seconds to load. This affects everything from gaining customer loyalty to your SEO, so there’s no doubt that a fast site is required for e-commerce success.

Then there are the traffic surges. You have to be ready for when your product takes off and hundreds of thousands of customers flock to your site at once. Imagine the business lost if, right at that moment, your site went down because your host didn’t have the resources to handle that traffic. Look for a provider with the server architecture that can support your business. Also, be wary—hosting providers are ready to penalize you for your sudden success, upgrading your plan with no notice as soon as you go over your monthly page view limit.

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Don’t forget to consider your “neighbors.” If you are on a poorly managed shared server, the activity of other sites on your server can affect your site. Make sure that your provider has taken steps to prevent those “noisy neighbors” from harming your site.

They’re WooCommerce-ready

Your provider should be able to do what you need them to. You have a business to run. Why should you have to worry about whether or not your WooCommerce installation is up-to-date? Look for a host that has both WordPress expertise and WooCommerce expertise, and who understands what it takes to run an online store. In order to be truly WooCommerce-read your hosting provider should also have a knowledgeable support staff ready to help at all times.

They know the importance of security

Every online store, no matter what you’re selling, has to be able to handle its customer’s sensitive information. Pressable’s WooCommerce hosting plans come with an SSL certificate, which guarantees that your data is handled securely. You also won’t get points knocked off your SEO score from Google. Since handling all that sensitive information, you should also ensure that your host is ready to protect you against common WordPress attacks, so make sure your host has a competent support team behind it ready to defend against server attacks.

They provide added value

Some managed hosting plans provide a lot more bang for your buck than just the features we’ve discussed. Hosts will offer services like migrating your sites to their servers for you or online WordPress training courses. Hosts might also offer deals on other plug-ins, packages, and programs that you can use to optimize your business.

Look for these qualities in a host, and your eCommerce store will have a great foundation for success. At Pressable, we offer fast, reliable hosting that is optimized for your WooCommerce storefront. Our shared server architecture is carefully monitored to ensure no spikes in traffic ruin your customer experience. After you migrate your sites with our automated migration plugin (or our team migrates your sites for you), you’ll have 24/7 access to our customer support team. We’ll even throw in a premium trial for Jilt email marketing and free JetPack Premium so you can reach customers any way you choose.

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