Managed WordPress Hosting or Freelancers

Less time worrying. More time working.

Freelancers are responsible for every aspect of their business. Why add hosting to the mix of things to worry about? Our customized platform provides all the tools you need to quickly build and maintain your clients’ WordPress websites. But we’re more than just a toolbox. We’re a business partner that has your back 24/7. From expert customer care to maintenance and performance updates, helping your business prosper and grow is our priority.

Man working on his computer with all the tools he needs.

Built-in Tools That Save You Time

Choosing to host with Pressable gives you built-in features you’d normally have to take the time to set up on your own. We provide built-in caching on our servers, free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, a robust CDN (content delivery network), and automated daily backups.

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Staging Environments

Need to quickly build a new website for a client? Staging environments can be used to test new features or plugins without disrupting the live site.

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Community Resources

WordPress is a community. Communities work together, solve problems together, and help each other. That’s why we created our strategic partner program. We connect you with WordPress professionals who are passionate about helping you get the most out of your business.

A woman providing customer support.

Personalized Customer Care

What sets Pressable’s 24/7 support apart from that of other hosts? We go the extra mile, taking the concierge approach for each of your websites. Our WordPress experts review and make recommendations to improve each site and optimize user experience. And we’re available 24/7 to ensure you get the help you need. We can even provide you with a dedicated Slack channel to get even quicker access.

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