Managed WordPress Hosting for High-Traffic Sites

Less time worrying. More time scaling.

Our platform was built with high-traffic sites in mind. Whether you’re a site that regularly receives 1,000,000+ visitors a month, or a blog that just went from 100 views to 100,000, our enterprise architecture for all ensures the highest performance, stability, and reliability in the WordPress space.

People maintaining a server stack

Performance and Reliability

Our server architecture eliminates costly round-trip network communications by housing our web, file, database, and cache servers together. That, plus NVMe SSD storage, makes our servers lightning fast, almost 10x faster than standard SSD technology. And with server locations around the world (Amsterdam, Burbank, Washington D.C., and Dallas/Fort Worth), your site will never be more than a click away for your customers.

Guys maintaining a server

Proactive Maintenance

You don’t need to be a WordPress or system administration expert. We’ll keep your WordPress core installations up-to-date and help ensure that plugins, themes, and other website components stay functional, plus it keeps your site more secure. Our systems team performs server-side optimizations, version updates, and ensures all servers are patched and secure.

A person helping customers.

Personalized Onboarding

Hosting should be simple, but there are a lot of hosting providers that make it seem like moving hosts is a technological nightmare. Here at Pressable you’ll get a personalized onboarding specialist that can helps set up your account, provision a new site, or move an existing one. Your onboarding specialist can answer questions and be your ongoing, consistent point of contact.

A woman providing customer support.

24/7 Customer Care

What sets Pressable’s 24/7 support apart from that of other hosts? We go the extra mile, taking the concierge approach for each of your websites. Our WordPress experts review and make recommendations to improve each site and optimize user experience. And we’re available 24/7 to ensure you get the help you need. We can even provide you with a dedicated Slack channel to get even quicker access.

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