How to Switch From Weebly to WordPress

Woman switching from Weebly to WordPress on a laptop

OK, so Weebly support sucks, right?

Yes, it might have a powerful drag and drop page builder, but there comes a time when everyone outgrows Weebly, and the logical next step has to be switching from Weebly to WordPress!

With Weebly, you can’t back up blog posts, there are annoying limits to blogging, and image management can be frustrating – the list goes on.

And with WordPress, there are so many benefits and possibilities to take advantage of. You can monetize your site very easily with WordPress, for example. Plus, you can take full advantage of WooComerce in all its glory.

But how on earth do you migrate your entire website from Weebly to WordPress? Surely it’s going to be a lot of hassle? As well, you might be dreading the thought of manually inputting all your old website info into WordPress!

Well, have no fear! Here is a simple to follow, straight to the point guide on how to get yourself up and running on WordPress – when Weebly just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Getting Started

First and foremost, you need to sign up for WordPress. And it can be a little confusing as there are actually two different content management systems out there with very similar names. There are and

Which is better?

This is a hotly debated topic – it really depends on what you’re using the platform for. But we think if you want complete freedom and full ownership of your site, you should go with

On the other hand, is considered easier for some to establish, but there are limitations.

We strongly recommend the .org version if you are looking to use Woocommerce too.

Yet, whichever you decide on, you need to sign up to it, and then two key things are required for you to progress to the next step:

  • A reliable website host
  • A domain name

We can’t stress how important it is to choose a good host. And ideally, why not go with a service that offers you dedicated WordPress hosting resources – to make life so much easier?

Regarding your domain name – if you already have one, you’ll need to transfer it over to your new WordPress site. However, if you don’t have a domain, you’ll need to purchase a new one – which is always an excellent opportunity to rebrand and be creative.

Make Your Content WordPress Ready

So you’ve signed up to WordPress, got your hosting sorted, and you’ve settled with a domain name.

Now it’s time for the dreaded transfer of info from Weebly. But is it all that bad?

Previously, it was quite the chore to transfer all your data from Weebly to WordPress. However, there are plenty of Weebly to WordPress importers available that can easily migrate your information over to WordPress. And it’s all free!

You have to run through some formalities, but it’s a pretty simple process to complete.

Initially, what happens is the importer will convert all your data into a WordPress friendly format.

The next step is…

Import Your Weebly Content to WordPress

Now you should be ready to get all your data set-up in WordPress since now all your content will be WordPress compatible.

To import your content into WordPress, first, you need to go into the admin section on the platform. Click on Tools, and then you should see an Import menu. There’ll be several options in this menu, but you need to choose the WordPress Install Now option.

WordPress will then proceed to install the relevant plugin for importing your content. All you have to do is click Run to start the plugin working once it’s installed.

When the importer page comes up, now it’s just a simple procedure of pressing Choose File and then grabbing the export.xml file you created earlier for a page. Then you just upload the file following the importer’s easy-to-follow instructions.

Keep in mind – you will have to create one export.xml for each of your pages in Weebly. Then, of course, you’ll have to add them one by one using the process described above. It might seem tedious, but it’s going to be a lot less time consuming than manually inputting all your pages into WordPress.

Plus, there are a number of convenient and flexible things you can do to adapt your data better to WordPress. For example, you can add all your content to an existing author in WordPress or attach it to a newly created one.

Additionally, you’ll get to pick and choose from images that you had uploaded on Weebly for your new WordPress content.

Why WordPress Is Great With WooCommerce

For those of you that are carrying out eCommerce with your website, there are a fair few reasons why you should choose WordPress combined with WooCommerce.

OK, so WordPress is a top blogging platform – but it’s way more than that. It’s an extremely flexible, powerful, and dynamic platform that can serve many of your website needs. This is partly because it makes use of third-party plugins very well, and there are a wealth of useful plugin creators out there that can expand your website horizons and allow you to truly personalize your site.

Why WooCommerce?

By far, WooCommerce has laid its roots and reputation for being the most popular e-commerce plugin on the market.

You can customize your store super easily without having to be a technical wizard because of its user-friendly layout. It also works well with phones and tablets, plus it has great security built into it.

And for those of you worried about how customers make payments – don’t. WooCommerce has everything you need to run an eCommerce business successfully – whether it’s payments or shipping options, you covered.

Lastly, if you are going to use WooCommerce, don’t you think it makes complete sense to opt for a dedicated WooCommerce hosting package?

Final Thoughts

Switching from Weebly to WordPress these days isn’t so difficult – it just takes a little effort on your part. What you get in return for that effort is a whole new universe of website flexibility and potential with WordPress.

If you’re an eCommerce business, it just makes complete sense to finally take the leap and utilize all of WordPress’s benefits combined with WooCommerce.

And, we think it’s extra important to go with managed WordPress hosting.

Zach Wiesman

Zach has 12+ years of experience with WordPress, from creating and maintaining client sites, to providing support and developing documentation. A knack for problem-solving and providing solutions led Zach to pursue a job with Automattic providing customer support in 2015 working with WooCommerce support, and now Zach has recently joined our team here at Pressable. Outside of work, Zach enjoys spending time with his family, playing and watching sports, and working on projects around the house.

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