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Using Search and Replace on WordPress and Your Pressable Site

When you set up a site on Pressable, a staging URL is created: {site_name}.mystagingwebsite.com There are a couple of advantages of this staging URL: Migrating a site from another host: You can…

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Understanding ABSPATH at Pressable

At Pressable, the WordPress Core files are symbolically linked to another location on the platform. In other words, they are not in the site root, as is the case with a standard…

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Using the WordPress Query Monitor Plugin

What is Query Monitor? The Query Monitor plugin is a free debugging tool that helps assess the performance of your website. It gives an in-depth analysis of all of the requests being…

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Rate Limiting on 404 Pages: The 428 Error

When excessive requests are made to assets or pages that return a 404 error, our servers will return an HTTP 428 Precondition Required response code. As 404 pages are not cached, multiple…

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Pressable’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) For Increased Site Security

All Pressable sites are protected by a web application firewall (WAF). Pressable’s web application firewall makes sites hosted on our platform more secure by blocking common attack vectors, such as SQL injection….