Using InstaWP To Migrate WordPress Websites To Pressable

Migrating a WordPress website can be a daunting task, but using InstaWP’s integration with Pressable, you can easily complete the task in a few simple steps.  

In this post, you will learn the step-by-step process of migrating a WordPress website to Pressable using a highly inventive WordPress solution called InstaWP

What Is InstaWP?

Snapshot from the InstaWP home page

InstaWP provides a fast and easy way to create WordPress sandbox or staging sites. 

Using this same technology, it can also be used to migrate WordPress websites from one hosting provider to another. Website owners can use InstaWP to speed up the entire WordPress migration process significantly. 

Although Pressable does have a plugin to automate the migration process, there are added benefits to using InstaWP. The biggest advantage is the experience you gain after the migration. 

When you migrate your site to Pressable using InstaWP, your InstaWP dashboard directly integrates with your Pressable dashboard, and you can copy, clone, and move WordPress websites with lightning speed.

Better still, creating staging sites is quick and easy and you can connect them with your existing live sites in order to clone or copy them to InstaWP’s servers. 

How To Migrate WordPress Websites To Pressable From An InstaWP Dashboard

Once your account is set up, migrating sites to Pressable with InstaWP is a breeze. Here’s the simple process: 

Step 1: Creating an InstaWP Account

Using a verified email address and password, you can sign up for free with InstaWP.

Even with the free InstaWP account, users are offered laudable features like hosting for up to three staging/sandbox sites, dashboard access, templates, and configuration assistance. 

Step 2: Creating a WordPress Website Using InstaWP

You can create a new WordPress site by accessing the Dashboard, going to the Sites section, and clicking “Add New+”. 

add a new site on InstaWP

Next, you will need to select the configuration, WordPress version, the PHP version, and the name. 

Select configuration for new site on InstaWP

Click the “Magic Login” button to navigate to the WordPress admin of your new staging site. You can now set up the site however you like, adding plugins, adjusting themes, and more. 

When you’re ready to migrate, you can proceed to the next step. 

Visual of new site credentials with Magic Login button

Step 3: Connecting Your Pressable Account To InstaWP

If you have not yet connected hosting to your account, you will want to navigate to the Extras menu to visit the Hosting area. 

InstaWP screenshot showing where to find "hosting" in the menu

From here, you will click the Connect Hosting button and you will see a pop-up window with InstaWP’s integrated hosting partners. 

InstaWP hosting providers with Pressable featured

Select Pressable and enter your Pressable credentials. 

InstaWP connection form

You can locate these in your Pressable dashboard under API Applications in the left navigation. If you have not already set up an application, you will want to do so. This will give you the Client ID and Client Secret needed to connect InstaWP:

Once you have entered your credentials into InstaWP, click the Connect button. 

Your details will be automatically saved. Close the box and you will see a listing of your Pressable sites. Your newly connected Pressable site should be there in the list as well. You may need to refresh if it doesn’t immediately show. 

Step 4: Migrating To Existing OR New Pressable Site

You are now ready to migrate your WordPress site!

First, visit the Sites section in your InstaWP dashboard and select the staging site you want to use for the migration. 

In the right-hand corner, three horizontal line icons stand for More Actions. 

Click on it and select Migrate V2. As you click on it, you will see a window pop-up offering you two options: existing and creating the new live site. 

If you choose the first option, you can migrate your InstaWP website to any existing site.

If you wish to migrate your InstaWP website to a new live site on Pressable, select the tab “+ Create a new live site” and create one from there.

InstaWP hosting connection pop up

Within a second, a new live site will be at your service, and the production and staging site will be linked. 

You can now click “Begin Migration” option to migrate the WordPress site to Pressable. The migration will now begin – the time to complete it will depend on the size of the website.

Website connection confirmation pop up

Step 5: Testing If Migration Was Successful

You will want to ensure the success of your migration. To do this, you can copy the migrated website’s link and open it in the browser. 

Click on the website’s title and if you can see a cached version of the site and hostname as InstaWP, your migration was successful! 


Using InstaWP to migrate WordPress websites adds a new layer of security and ease, as it creates a staging site in the process that is connected with live sites hosted on Pressable. 

You can use the method mentioned above to migrate WordPress websites from anywhere into your Pressable account.