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Why Pressable Does Not Provide Email Hosting

Category: FAQ | Last modified: February 3, 2021

Pressable doesn’t offer email hosting as part of our WordPress hosting plans for two key reasons:

  1. In order to create an exceptional experience for our customers and their users, we have chosen to focus fully on top quality managed WordPress hosting and 5-star customer support. This ensures that rather than being a “Jack of all trades and master of none” service provider, we can be the best at what we do.
  2. Great email hosting is something that is widely available from a number of different providers (many of whom provide it as their sole or primary service).

If you have chosen Pressable as your WordPress host and are looking for email hosting to complement that, here are a few recommendations to get you started:


Office 365 / Microsoft Exchange


For instructions on setting up your chosen email provider with us, please see our guide on Setting Up Your Email.

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