Media Temple’s been bought by GoDaddy. Here’s what you can do about it.

For many years Media Temple was celebrated as one of the smaller web hosts that made a big impact for their customers. GoDaddy bought them in 2013 but they continued to operate as their own company, doing business their way and offering the service customers have long loved… but all of that is about to change.

If you haven’t heard, GoDaddy is folding the Media Temple brand and all customers will be forced to move over. For those looking for a hosting partner—not a new daddy—here’s how MT compares to our *favorite small-but-mighty web host.

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The biggest difference between Media Temple and Pressable

Media Temple sold a wide variety of server setups, such as shared hosting, VPS, or dedicated servers. This was great news for people running a ton of sites with a variety of applications. If you wanted something special just for WordPress, they had their own managed WordPress plans, but nothing really changed at the server level.

At Pressable, all plans are on a cloud hosting platform that is custom-built for WordPress. You won’t find any other applications at Pressable—WordPress is everything to us.

When Media Temple is absorbed into GoDaddy, this distinction will be even sharper for people running WordPress sites. GoDaddy’s primary product isn’t even web hosting—it’s selling domains!

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Get WordPress hosting from WordPress hosting experts

Pressable is a managed WordPress host and only a managed WordPress host. This not only affects our infrastructure, it affects every aspect of our company culture. Every employee at Pressable is a WordPress user. Our team is keeping up with the latest WordPress advancements, features, and news. Some of us are contributors to the WordPress project. We not only know the intricacies of web hosting, we’re familiar with the ecosystem of WordPress plugins and themes, and any complications that may bring.

Why does that matter? You’ll see that in the security, support, and speed of our platform.

By the way, our speed and uptime lead the pack and we can prove it

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Pressable has a 100% uptime guarantee

Many hosts promise “99% uptime,” including Media Temple and GoDaddy, but there’s infinite wiggle room in that one percent. We get it, every host goes down from time to time. At Pressable, we prepare for the worst by having automatic failover to another region (an entirely different city or country!). That’s how we’re able to offer 100% uptime.

Tired of waiting on support?

Often when big companies like GoDaddy absorb a web host, the first thing they do to cut costs is cut back on support. Instead of waiting one minute for a response, it’s five or fifteen.

When they finally get through, the person they reach doesn’t really understand the issue, or they have to knock you up to the next support “tier,” leaving you waiting even longer. Instead of a team full of experts, you get routed to someone who is reading back scripted responses. This works if you have a basic question that can be answered by searching the web anyhow, but for a serious issue (like a site outage) minutes waiting in the queue are more than frustrating—they mean lost business and credibility.

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Get support so good you’ll brag about it

At Pressable, you won’t be waiting to have your ticket elevated to a “higher tier.” We don’t have support tiers, because we only hire people who know their chron tab from their .htaccess file. No one is reading from a script. Though we’re a small company, we invest in support and it shows.

That’s why we have five-star ratings on both Trustpilot and G2 Crowd. But don’t take our customers’ word for it. Just try talking to us via chat and see how much faster we respond.

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Value that pays for itself

Like Pressable, Media Temple was the kind of host people often turned to once they’ve been burned by one of the bigger companies. That $4 web hosting is fine for a personal blog, but professional sites need reliability, scalability, and service that those bargain basement discounts can’t provide.

Moreover, these starter accounts lack many features that other hosts include. Our pricing is similar to Media Temple’s but without the upsells. For example, Media Temple limited daily backups to 1GB, if your site is bigger that would cost you. They claimed to include access to a CDN and web-application firewall, but this was an upsell of $19/month per site. We include these features in every plan. Their top support was only available during business hours, if you needed help at any other time that’s another upsell.

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Pressable pricing: more bang for your buck where it matters

At Pressable, all of our plans include staging sites, daily backups, access to a global CDN, free site migrations, 24/7 expert support, and automatic failover protection to ensure even the smallest site never goes down.

If GoDaddy bought Media Temple and so many others, what’s to stop them from acquiring Pressable too?

Oh, we were already acquired, didn’t you hear? Automattic, the company that helps make WordPress, picked us up in 2016. We’re so proud to be among the same company as, WordPress VIP, and Jetpack, because all the Automattic brands not only support the WordPress software, they stand by the open source community.

The Automattic brands.

At Pressable, you’re more than a number

We may not have GoDaddy’s name recognition or enormous advertising budget, but we love WordPress and we care about our customers. Like Media Temple, we may not be the first host you try, we’re where you go when you are ready to level up.

Pressable offers a 30-day money back guarantee, and our onboarding specialists can help migrate your sites. Still have questions about Pressable? Try out our support chat or get started migrating your site for free.

*Obviously we are biased but here is what our customers say.

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