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Did you know that Pressable will migrate up to five managed hosted WordPress sites from other hosts for free? If you’d like us to migrate your site log in to your MyPressable account and create a site. Next, select your new site and click the Migrate Site button. Simply fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.

If you’d like to migrate your site from WordPress.com yourself this guide is for you.

Exporting Content

To export your content from WordPress.com, log into your account at WordPress.com. Then click on My Site. If you have more than one site select the site you’d like to export. From the Settings menu click on Export. By default the WordPress.com exporter will export all of your content. If you’d only like to export a selection of your content click the down arrow to select which content to export. We recommend exporting all of your content by clicking Export All.


In a few moments you’ll see a message letting you know your export is ready. Click on the Download link to start saving your file. A download link will also be sent to your email.

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Importing Content

Once your export is complete you are going to want to import this data to your new Pressable site.  To get started, log into your new WordPress installation and go to Tools > Import.


After you select WordPress you will be asked to install the WordPress Import Plugin, click Install Now. Once the plugin has been installed you’ll want to click the Activate Plugin & Run Importer link. This will take you to the importer. Select the file you downloaded from WordPress.com and click Upload and Import file.

This may ask you a few questions and then the Import process will start. It may take a few minutes to complete. Once finished you’ll be notified and your content can be found under Posts and Pages.

Saving Your Theme

If you are using a free theme for your WordPress.com site it can be downloaded from the theme’s page for use on your Pressable site. To download your theme start at the Theme Gallery on WordPress.com. Then search for your theme and click on it. This will take you to the theme’s details page. In the left sidebar at the bottom you’ll see the option to download the theme for self-hosted sites. This will allow you to download a version for use on Pressable.



As WordPress.com is the largest multi-user WordPress install in the world it comes with some unique features. The Jetpack plugin comes pre-installed on all Pressable sites. To activate Jetpack click on Plugins > All Plugins then click Activate next to Jetpack. You can then follow the prompts to finish setting up Jetpack.

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