Update Today to Keep Your Site Secure & Optimized

If you haven’t already heard, support for PHP 7.3 will end on December 6th. Sites on Pressable running PHP 7.3 will automatically upgrade to PHP 7.4 on November 1, 2021. As with any other major website update, you may need to modify some code and check the compatibility of themes and plugins.

Of course, our Support Team is here to help. Pressable has also teamed with Codeable and WP Buffs to make professionally updating and reviewing your website quick, easy, and affordable.

PHP 7.3 Is Going Away

What Does This Mean for Your Website?

PHP is a powerful component of all WordPress and WooCommerce websites.

PHP 7.3 End-of-Life (EOL) is scheduled for December 6, 2021. This means security updates and fixes for known issues will no longer be supported for PHP 7.3.

To keep your website secure and running properly, Pressable recommends updating to PHP 7.4 or 8.0 immediately.

Sites on Pressable running PHP 7.3 will be automatically upgraded to PHP 7.4 on November 25, 2021.

Like with any other website update, you may need to modify some code and check the compatibility of themes and plugins.

Additionally, you will want to test your site for proper appearance and functionality before launching it with updated PHP.

If you don’t feel comfortable updating PHP on your own - or having us automatically update your website -

we have two great, affordable options available:

Guided PHP Update

Work hand-in-hand via video chat with a Codeable expert to update and launch your site with PHP 7.4 or 8.0.

Powered by Codeable


  • The Codeable expert will conduct an initial assessment of the site.
  • Together, you will clone your website and change the PHP version.
  • The Codeable expert will review your site for any errors or compatibility issues.
  • You will do a run-through of the updated website to ensure everything runs as it’s supposed to.
  • Together, you will make the cloned website live on Pressable.

This service usually costs $69, but with this offer new Codeable clients will pay only $9 for up to 1 hour of guided assistance.

White Glove PHP Update

Let WP Buffs take care of updating your website to PHP 7.4 or 8.0 with a worry-free, fully-managed solution.

Powered by WP Buffs


  • Provide WP Buffs with relevant information regarding your website.
  • WP Buffs WordPress engineers will handle the process of updating your site to PHP 7.4 and reviewing the code and plugins.
  • You will be asked to do a quality control check of the website to ensure everything looks right and all features are working properly.
  • Once you give the thumbs up, WP Buffs will make your website live.

WP Buffs is offering Pressable subscribers this managed PHP update for just $99 or for FREE if you sign up for their Perform Plan.

Have Questions Before You Update?

Our Customer Success Team Wants to Help

Curious about the differences between PHP 7.3, 7.4, and 8.0? Unsure which version of PHP your WordPress site is currently using? Trying to update your website’s PHP by yourself and running into issues? Pressable offers some great resources in our Blog and KnowledgeBase, and our Customer Success Team is available 24/7 to answer questions.