Pressable’s Top 5 Favorite WordPress Plugins

pressable's top wordpress plugins

One of the best things about WordPress is the massive amount of plugins you can add to your site. You can create new functions, add to existing ones, get help with SEO, and make edits quickly and efficiently. And for every different type of WordPress plugin, there’s a different type of WordPress user. Everyone has their favorites, so we decided to ask our expert team what their favorites were and why. 

Zach Wiesman, Director of Customer Success – Gravity Forms

‘That’s a tough question, actually. I’d probably say Gravity Forms. It has lots of features, like conditional logic and file uploads. There are also add-on integrations for external services, such as Stripe or Dropbox. When there are problems, you can enable very detailed logging that helps pinpoint the issue quickly and efficiently.’

Paul Trott, Head of Engineering – Elementor

‘Elementor makes designing pages way easier. It saves so much time. I can create page layouts with drag and drop sections in a couple minutes instead of spending hours coding a template with widget areas or writing HTML in the page content. That later helps my clients and myself easily make changes using a visual editor instead of altering code.’

Jess, Customer Success – Pressable Migration Plugin / WooCommerce

‘I hope that someone has already mentioned the Pressable migration plugin and how awesome that is. It makes migrating a website a breeze (and saves us in Support a lot of time ). Aside from that I think I would have to say WooCommerce. I can’t even tell you how many different eCommerce plugins I’ve worked with over the years and none even came close to the ease of use of WooCommerce. The plugin allows everyone, even those with very little tech experience, to be up and running with an online store with minimal effort. Plus there are countless integrations and extensions to go along with it, from shipping calculators to referral programs and MailChimp registration.’

Alfred Bassetti, Sales Operations Specialist – Can’t Pick Just One

‘There are so many! I can’t pick just one. Jetpack, Shortcodes Ultimate, and Safe Redirect Manager from 10up are definitely the top three. Jetpack brings the power of to your WordPress site, no matter where you’re managed WordPress hosting. Shortcodes Ultimate adds new elements to your site not otherwise included by Guntenberg. And Safe Redirect Manager is very handy to have in order to do internal or external redirects.’

Wayne McWilliams, Digital Experience Manager – Advanced Custom Fields

‘Advance Custom Forms is awesome. It allows developers to easily build out the WP dashboard interface with additional fields to customize the user’s experience. For example, when you look at a normal page in the WP admin you see a lot of the same text field boxes to add content or whatever. When I build pages, I build them in module sections that are all added with the Advanced Custom Fields plugin.’

What do you think about our team’s top picks? Did your favorite make it onto the list? Let us know! We’re always looking for the latest and greatest WordPress tech, so find us on Facebook or Twitter and tell us your favorite plugins. 

If you’re ready to try some of our favorite plugins for yourself, open up a Pressable hosting account today and start building out pages with Elementor, getting your eCommerce store set up with WooCommerce, and make using the WP dashboard easier than ever with Advanced Custom Fields! Since Pressable is built by WordPress engineers specifically for WordPress site creators, your websites (and their plugins) won’t work better anywhere else.

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