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Knowledge Base

MyPressable Account Report Sections

Within the Reports section ( of the MyPressable Control Panel you will see five different account-level reporting options:

Knowledge Base

MyPressable Reports Section

The MyPressable Control Panel ( includes a Reports section located here: Within the Reports section ( you will see five different reporting options: Clicking the Get Report button for any report will…

Blog Article

WordPress Gutenberg Updates: All You Need to Know

The new WordPress block editor has improved a lot since its initial release. If you skipped making the switch to the Gutenberg block editor because you thought it wouldn’t work for your site or it…

Blog Article

Things We’re Thankful For

As we prepare for the holidays, it’s important to stop and remember what we’re thankful for. While we can’t gather around the Thanksgiving table with you, we did want to share the things we’re most…

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A Guide to Full Site Editing With WordPress

How to Use These New Editing Features to Build Better Websites Changing your site’s overall layout and design in WordPress used to require editing your theme’s code or using a page builder…

Free eBook

5 Things To Look For In A WooCommerce Hosting Provider

If you’re planning on running an eCommerce website using the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress, you need to find the best WooCommerce hosting service. However, if you’re new to the world of WordPress…

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Rethinking the Customer Journey

The best and most sustainable way to grow your business is by leading a journey. In tough times, growth comes from being important in the lives of your customers. So how do…

Free Webinar

What Agencies Need to be Thinking About in 2022

2022 is here and the internet landscape has unfolded unlike anyone expected. So what can an agency do to best prepare for what lies ahead in the coming years? Josh from Big…