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How Do I Restore a Site From Backup in Pressable?

Sometimes things happen—a failed plugin update, a theme upload failed, or maybe you’re writing your first lines of code. Whatever the case may be, if you’d like a backup restored, you have…

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How to manually backup your site in Pressable

We automatically backup your site nightly when changes are made. If no changes are made in a given day no backup will be created. However, you may also manually backup your site…

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How do I add a collaborator guest account to my site?

Pressable makes it easy for you to collaborate with other people on your website. This makes it easy for you to share credentials with designers, developers and other collaborators, while keeping your…

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What WordPress Default Plugins are Pre-Installed on My Site?

We install and manage a handful of plugins on every site to ensure that they are optimized to run on our systems. These plugins enhance the functionality of your sites and cannot…

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Disallowed Plugins on Pressable

There are quite a few plugins in the WordPress ecosystem; WordPress.org has over 57,000 just in their repository. However, from time to time we run across plugins that don’t play well on…

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Caching Types Available in Pressable

WordPress is an amazing tool for publishing a website tied into a relational database. In order to make a WordPress website perform as fast as possible Pressable uses a number of cache…