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Not all WordPress hosting platforms are created equal. Experience unmatched speed, reliability, and security from the family behind WooCommerce, WordPress.com, and Jetpack.

Don’t see a plan that’s right for you? We’ve got you covered!

We have a wide variety of plan sizes to fit your needs. Chat with one of our WordPress sales experts now to find the best plan for you.

Why SharpSpring Users Choose Pressable

We understand that agencies have unique needs when it comes to WordPress hosting. Reliability, on-demand support, optimized performance, security… they’re all essential, as is getting a great price that enables you to make more MRR.

That’s exactly what you get with Pressable…

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Earn More Per Client

Our affordable, feature-rich plans allow you to earn more from hosting fees while doing less work actually managing and maintaining websites. The result is more money in your pocket, better client satisfaction, and less time spent worrying about website uptime or updates.

Enjoy Unparalleled Performance

Pressable’s websites live on the same global architecture as WordPress.com — the fastest and most reliable network for WordPress sites. Plus our global CDN and 100% uptime guarantee ensure your client’s websites are up and running at peak performance.

Free Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) | Pressable
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Get Real Support From Real Experts

Every minute of downtime means lost revenue and unhappy customers. The Pressable customer success team is staffed 24/7 by friendly, certified WordPress and WooCommerce engineers who deliver helpful insights and fast, real-world solutions.

Manage Multiple Sites Effortlessly

Managing multiple websites on different hosting platforms is a pain. Migrate your sites to Pressable for free and consolidate to a single, affordable, easy-to-use platform. Plus, we minimize tasks like updating the WordPress core and WooCommerce so you can focus on delivering results.

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Why We Chose (and Recommend) Pressable

Learn how Oyova - a Florida-based digital marketing agency and SharpSpring customer - uses Pressable to drive outstanding results, expand MRR, and grow their client base.

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