Aspen Grove Studios, LLC

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Aspen Grove Studios is a leading WordPress development company known for its popular line of 3rd party products for Divi, including plugins, expertly designed child themes and layouts, premium courses, and other exclusive content. Along with its line of Divi-based products, Aspen Grove Studios offers an array of premium products for the larger WordPress community. These products include hundreds of original icons and several WooCommerce plugins, as well as the 42 theme, one of the first WordPress themes specially designed for the Gutenberg editor.

With their unique and innovative WordPress solutions, Aspen Grove Studios has helped over 50,000 customers at all stages and ability levels — whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced — make stunningly beautiful and highly profitable websites for themselves and their clients.

Along with their extensive product development, Aspen Grove Studios also offers bespoke client services such as website development, inbound marketing, and SEO services to companies around the world.

Aspen Grove Studios is the parent company of two other highly successful WordPress development companies, Divi Space and Potent Plugins.

Divi Space was one of the original developers of 3rd party products for Divi, and is responsible for the revolutionary (and still extremely popular) Divi Switch and Page Builder Everywhere plugins that allow users to greatly extend the functionality of the Divi Builder. Divi Space’s full catalog includes over 20 high-powered plugins, 30+ child themes, over 2 dozen layouts, several hundred unique icons, premium courses, and more.

Potent Plugins specializes in developing some of the leading plugins for WooCommerce and bbPress. With over two dozen free and premium plugins, Potent Plugins helps users optimize their WooCommerce stores for greater profitability and easier management, as well as expand and enhance the functionality of their bbPress forums.