"We’ve been using Pressable since we started because they’re great value for money, which is still true - but it is not the reason we’re still a customer. We stay for the amazing customer support, growing feature set (and free tee shirts)!”
FLANK Marketing

FLANK is a fast paced, ‘get to work’ marketing agency that actions ideas for startups.

That’s not an easy task, and it’s why they have established a proven team of specialists. Alongside a growing list of WordPress projects, the team also works hard to develop marketing initiatives, produce videos and help growing companies outperform / outflank their competitors.

The idea is to inspire exciting conversations with founders and marketers, and bring that list of fun ideas to life… without straining the development team or impacting product roadmaps. 

Here’s the story of how + why they’ve been using Pressable for the last 3 years:

FLANK + Pressable

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