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Lockr is a patent-pending global secrets management network providing a secure, easy to deploy, multiple environment solution for the storage of secrets such as encryption keys, API keys, tokens and passwords.

Lockr works by using strong end-to-end encryption to protect a site’s secrets then, via a secure connection, sends the encrypted values to Lockr’s network where they are stored in enterprise-grade hardware security modules (HSMs). Comparable HSMs are prohibitively expensive for many websites, but Lockr is able to provide affordable key management for websites of all sizes without sacrificing security. This helps teams meet the increasing privacy regulations and standards in the US and abroad. With simple and affordable pricing tiers, Lockr takes the guesswork out of monthly costs and allows teams to focus on building secure websites.

The cornerstone of any modern organization’s cybersecurity efforts is to protect access to its secrets. Most often, these secrets include encryption keys and API access keys, but they can include other types of keys, tokens, and passwords as well. When these secrets are not protected, or protected incorrectly, organizations are exposed to the devastating potential of data breaches and malicious access to their external services such as payment gateways, email marketing services, and other 3rd party integrations.

It doesn’t have to be malicious actions though. We’ve all been there, accidentally sending out a marketing email from a staging website, or accidentally charging a credit card from a test environment. One of the many great features of Lockr is the ability to separate secrets between production and staging environment. No more will your team need to worry about connecting to production services while testing and building out new features. The Lockr team has worked alongside Pressable to allow the plugin to automatically detect if the site is in staging, and switch out values accordingly. Rest assured your production services and data will stay in your production environment.

Lockr is the only user-friendly, globally available, cloud-agnostic secrets management solution. With the ability to address the requirements of secure secrets distribution for websites, Lockr is the next generation of secrets management able to address the growing technology sprawl.