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Metorik can simply be described as your “WooCommerce co-pilot”. Rather than just trying to solve one aspect of running your store, Metorik is there with you throughout the entire journey. It takes just moments to connect your store and you’ll be provided with real-time reports, data segmentation, customer service tools, cart tracking, email automation, and 100’s of other features.

When you use Metorik with your WooCommerce store, you’ll have access to:

  • Fast, interactive reports: – from overall reports to individual product reports, everything is instantly generated and can be exported in one click.

  • Infinite data segmenting: – for example, find all customers that have made two orders and spent over $300 but haven’t ordered in 6 months. This data can be exported instantly after segmenting or set up to export automatically.
  • Integrations with the other services you use: – see customer information inside your support desk, bring Google Analytics data into Metorik, and more.
  • Automated emails through Metorik Engage: – email your customers automatically using our simple email editor and powerful data segmenting.

  • Cart tracking and abandoned cart emails: – get insight into how many carts are being started but later abandoned, and recover them with automatic abandoned cart emails sent by Metorik.
  • Using WooCommerce Subscriptions? – you’ll be provided with a variety of subscription reports and tools, like your MRR, churn, retention, and more.