"Pressable is one of the best kept secrets for agencies and freelancers looking to grow their business. A quality partner to have in your corner – at a killer price. Combining Pressable + StagingPilot empowers agencies to build substantial recurring revenue by white-labeling and bundling hosting & maintenance services for their clients."
Simple automatic updates with Staging Pilot

StagingPilot automagically updates all the plugins & themes (and WordPress itself) for you. More importantly, StagingPilot does all the testing to make sure that everything looks and works exactly the same after each update. If anything would break from updating a plugin, you’ll be notified – before it affects your live site.

If you manage multiple WordPress sites, keeping them all updated (and making sure nothing broke) is a chore. StagingPilot automates all of that with tireless robots that do all the tedious work for you. Your sites are always up-to-date and working right.


StagingPilot analyzes the pages on your site, pixel-by-pixel, to make sure nothing visually changed after an update. StagingPilot can also test your site in a browser, click on buttons, fill out forms, etc. to make sure it’s still working properly. Just like a human would – only faster.


StagingPilot has 1-click browser tests you can enable for WooCommerce and other popular plugins. Learn more at or schedule a demo and we’ll give you a personal tour!

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