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At WooNinjas, we understand the tremendous value Pressable’s managed hosting service brings to WordPress, so we’re glad to be their strategic partner. Pressable and WooNinjas both have similar values as far as contributing positively to the community is concerned. They inspire us to be more community oriented and have a better relationship with our customers. They bring that “family owned business” feel to the world of WordPress hosting.

WooNinjas is a Professional WordPress customization and consultation service provider. We have a hand-picked team of extremely talented and highly experienced WordPress experts, and we call them the WooNinjas.

We karate chop WooCommerce into working order for major global clients, drop kick our own custom WordPress themes and plugins into absolute submission, and what’s more, we get out there and regularly spar with great plugins like BadgeOS, Easy Digital Downloads, LearnDash, and many more to keep our wits (and throwing stars) sharp.

WordPress Customization & Consultation Services

WooNinjas was born from the need for a crack team of WordPress experts with zero learning curve, ready in a blink to leap into projects and provide masterful solutions for WordPress and WooCommerce websites. We work closely with our plugin partners and have resident experts for each plugin. We currently specialize in WooCommerce, EasyDigitalDownloads, LearnDash, BadgeOS and beyond. Check out all of our Professional WordPress customization and consulting services.

We offer services around the following areas:

We are friendly, powerful and agile, and we approach every plugin with laser focus until we’re able to confidently wrestle it into submission and it knows who’s boss. We even build new and useful extensions where we see the need, and can do so to your requirements.

So whether you seek a simple but powerful WordPress configuration or require an add-on from scratch, we guarantee a fast turn-around and an affordable rate. Contact us to talk to a Ninja today. We’ll always take time away from our WooDojo to get to know a potential new client.

Plugins & Add-ons

We have built several powerful add-ons and extensions over the years. . You’ll find our current list of plugins and extensions on our website here. And if you have an idea for a new plugin or an add-on, we’re the team to talk to.