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Slack logo on side of building
Integrating Slack with WordPress

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last five years, Slack is the premier tool for teams, remote and office-based, to stay in touch, manage projects, and interact. Since its creation, Slack…

Barbara and Mark from Wicky Design
How WordPress Helped Us Become Digital Nomads

A few months ago, I proposed a crazy idea to my husband, Mark. “What if we became digital nomads and traveled the country?” To my surprise, he didn’t have many objections to leaving our little…

Man remote working in hammock.
Reclaiming the Pleasure of Location Independence

One of the great pleasures for many digital agency and freelance workers is location independence. I’ve spent the last 5+ years working anywhere but in an office, and like many remote digital professionals, my work…

Guy working outside on his laptop
How to Grow from a Remote Worker to a Digital Nomad

There is one thing that separates the digital nomad from the regular ol’ remote worker: location dependency. If you want to fully embrace the opportunities provided by your remote work position, then you should work…

A man who is taking advantage of the top five remote working hacks.
Freelancers: Build in your Holiday, Sick, and Vacation Time

Being a freelancer is awesome, except for when you’re sick or want to visit your family in Nebraska for the holidays. Many freelancers struggle with the freedom to work and the right to be paid…

Two people working at a co-working space
To Cowork or Not to Cowork, That Is the Question

Decisions, decisions. The remote worker has a lot of options when it comes to location. In theory, you could go anywhere, as long as there’s solid wifi. While you might take the opportunity of your…

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