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WordPress eCommerce

Benefits of Managed eCommerce Website Hosting

Spend more time running your business and less worrying about your website with managed eCommerce website hosting. Selecting an eCommerce hosting provider is a critical decision. The quality of your host determines how well your…

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WordPress Tips & Tricks

5 Keys to Simplify WordPress Maintenance and Support

WordPress maintenance and support are crucial for keeping your website up and running. You wouldn’t drive a car 100,000 miles without changing the oil or rotating the tires. Routine maintenance is necessary to keep cars…

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WordPress Tutorials

How to Transfer a WordPress Site to a New Host

Breaking up is hard to do, but sometimes it’s necessary. So, if you’re ready to move on from your current web host, here’s how to transfer a WordPress site to a new host. Not all…

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Your Guide to Understanding the Types of WordPress Hosting

With all the types of WordPress hosting, how do you know which one is right for your business? WordPress works on various web servers, giving users a lot of flexibility in selecting their hosting service….

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Managed WordPress Hosting Benefits: What They Are and Why You Want Them

From to-do to done — that’s one of the most attractive managed WordPress hosting benefits. Managed WordPress hosting automates some of the more mundane aspects of setting up and maintaining a WordPress website. Let’s look…

WordPress Tips & Tricks

6 Benefits of Hosting Your WordPress Website on the Cloud

When searching for a managed WordPress hosting service for your WordPress site, you will inevitably encounter cloud hosting. WordPress website cloud hosting has become increasingly popular among agencies, freelance developers, webmasters, and e-commerce businesses that…

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Free WordPress Hosting Is Anything But…

If you’re a newer website owner, you may find yourself looking at hosting as an unwanted (or even unnecessary) expense. And, to save a little money, you may find yourself Googling “Free WordPress hosting.” But…


Your Complete Guide to Changing WordPress Hosting Providers

How much time did you take when selecting your WordPress hosting provider? For most business owners, the answer to that question is “Not a whole lot.”   Maybe you went with the lowest cost option? Perhaps…


What Makes a “Best” WordPress Hosting Provider?

Choosing the right hosting provider for your WordPress website will play a significant role in the long-term success of your business. Although most people know how to recognize a poor service provider, not everybody understands…

WordPress eCommerce

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Hosting Plan for a WooCommerce Store

So, you’ve chosen to use the popular WordPress plugin, WooCommerce, to build your online store. Guess what? You’re in great company because recent statistics show WooCommerce powers more than 20% of the top million e-commerce…


How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting in 2021

WordPress powers nearly 40 percent of all websites, yet not all WordPress sites are equal. One of the most important factors to consider when creating a WordPress site is your hosting. The right WordPress hosting…


Website Hosting and SEO: What’s the Connection (and Why It’s Important)

If you want to generate the most traffic possible to your website, you’ll need to prioritize your company’s SEO efforts. Although many entrepreneurs tend to stop here, you should also take your website hosting into consideration….