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If you think hosting is just a place to put your website, think again. If you’re overwhelmed by the choices and jargon of the WordPress hosting world and you’re tempted to just close your eyes and point, you might want to rethink that, too.

Your hosting provider is a vital part of your business’s online presence, so choosing the right host is a big decision. A quick Google search and you’ll realize there’s a whole mess of WP hosting slang that you have to get familiar with to make the most informed decision. One of those terms is managed WordPress hosting.

What Is Managed Hosting?

There are various forms of hosting packages. You start with the bare minimum—simply a publicly accessible place to store your website online—and build-up, adding features and services to the package until it becomes what we call managed hosting.

There’s no real definition of managed hosting. One provider’s managed hosting package may look very different from the next, but every managed host has one common goal: to take the burden of security (web application firewall), performance, and site management off your hands.

In general, this means all the technical aspects of running your WordPress website is managed by the host. Your sites are housed on the host’s server architecture, and things like plug-in updates and backups are no longer yours to take care of. It also means that you have the resources to scale your sites and be ready for sudden traffic spikes when they occur. Here is a full list of the WordPress hosting features offered by Pressable.

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Managed hosting also comes with a lot of support from your hosting provider. It’s like having a team full of experts, but without the overhead of an actual IT department. You delegate the majority of your IT needs to a third-party service whose entire job is to focus on you. This also means that you don’t need to keep up with the low-level, technical aspects of your site. There are many more important things to do!

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

What about managed WordPress hosting? Experts at a managed WP hosting provider also know a thing or two about WP security that someone at a non-WP-only host might not think of. They know how to leverage WP’s strengths and put checks on its weaknesses. They also know a thing or two about server-level caching with WP, which means that your site will run faster and on fewer server resources.

So what’s the catch? Well, managed hosting plans are a bit pricier than other forms of hosting. But, managed hosting quickly pays itself off with the reduced stress on you and your business. Plus, you’ll have a lot more time to spend doing your day-to-day tasks, rather than worrying about troubleshooting and code pushes.

And, as you’ve probably figured out by now, you also have to devote some time to comparing managed hosting providers. Educate yourself on the entire process, from site migration to what happens when you want to do an entire web redesign. And don’t settle for less than what you need. If you need 24/7 support, get 24/7 support. You never know when you’ll need help from an expert.

Managed hosting will give you (and your customers) the best online experience, meaning you’ve got one less thing to worry about. At Pressable, we are dedicated to giving you the best managed WordPress hosting experience that we can. We offer white-glove support and take care of your site’s daily needs with our tried and tested model. We are ready to migrate your site over to our servers and let you get on with business as usual. Request a demo today, and see what sets Pressable apart from the rest.

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