When Is the Best Time to Send Emails?

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We’ve all heard them, those little anecdotes about how one person got the best open rate they’ve ever seen by sending an email out at 2:13 on a Monday morning. Or have that one co-worker that says ‘The best CTRs only come when you send an email at 9:00 a.m. on a Tuesday.’ How about the one out of left field? ‘Me? I only send my emails at 4:15 p.m. on a Thursday. That’s the best time to send emails hands down.’

These little ‘stories’ are great and all, but there has to be a serious, scientific way to find out when the best time to send emails really is.

Hold Up…


Ok. Real talk. We should really get something out of the way before you read anymore. Hoo…deep breath. Are you ready?

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There’s no perfect time to send your customers an email.

Wow. That was rough, but it’s the truth. There are tons of factors that go into the success of your emails, not just timing. Subject lines, CsTA, copy, imagery, individual preference, how warm it is outside…the list could go on forever. You can’t pin 100% of your success on sending your email at a certain time on a certain day. What you can do is use your head, your skills, and most importantly, don’t pin all of your success on a silly, arbitrary group of numbers. (Seriously though don’t send your emails at 2:30 a.m. on a Saturday.) Set your emails up for success with one simple rule.

Do Your Research


Every email serves a different purpose. Whether you’re informing your customers about a sale or new product, sending out a newsletter, or simply following up on a product demo, there are best practices for every specific application. Some best practices, however, apply across the board. Like these!

Personalized Emails Always Perform Better

(Yes. Always.)


One person? Easy to personalize. A list of 20,000? Not so much. That’s why many email marketing software give you the ability to personalize emails with first names, first and last names, or fallback phrases depending on what information you have. Any chance you get, always use an individual’s name. It’ll make your customer feel spoken to, not just spoken at.

Create a Fun ‘From’ Address

Tell us if this sounds familiar. You see an email sitting in your inbox. The subject line is captivating, the preview copy looks interesting, but…it’s from ‘’


Straight. In. The. Trash. Instead of lazily sending out an email with a standard address, set up a special address that actually means something. Even if it’s not a real person’s name, something as simple as ‘’ can mean the difference between an open and a swipe left. Better yet, actually accept replies to your emails! Every customer has something important to say. Give them the opportunity to say it.

Use Landing Pages

Look. I’m sure your website is awesome. We know someone spent hours and hours creating it, but we hate to tell you, you’re gonna need to do some more work. Not just once, either. Every single time you send out a new email with a new offer or piece of news, you’ll need to create a new landing page.

Landing pages create a funnel for your customers. The funnel starts with your list, tightens in the email, and seals the deal in the landing page. Instead of leaving your customers with the ability to do anything and go wherever they want to on your WordPress website, you give them only a couple of options on a landing page. It’s as simple as that.

You’ll also be able to track your customer journey more effectively with landing pages. Use UTM codes to increase trackability, and get even more data out of your email campaigns. This will help future campaigns be more successful.

Thank us later.

Test. Test. Test.

You’ve probably heard of A/B testing when it comes to subject lines. Which is great! Do that. But don’t just test your subject lines. Test copy. Test CTAs. Test colors in your headers, buttons, and text. Test everything. Test A against B. Test the winner against a new one. Test that winner against another newcomer.

You know what A/B testing stands for?

Always. Be. Testing.


You know what else you can test? Times. Send an email at 5:00 a.m. Send one at 6:00 a.m. Heck, even send one at 7:00 a.m. (Crazy, we know.) By testing, and specifically testing send times, you might even find the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and emails: When truly is the best time to send an email?

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