Why Doesn’t Pressable Provide Email Hosting?

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English is a crazy language, isn’t it? Take a word like ‘host.’ It has a ton of different meanings. A host could be someone that entertains guests. A host could be an organism that plays ‘host’ to an unwelcome guest. Or a host could be a connected network of data centers (like Pressable!). But even inside that last definition, there are different kinds of hosts, like email hosting and web hosting.

We get asked a lot whether or not we provide email hosting, and while it’s difficult for us to tell our customers ‘No,’ sometimes, we have to. Let’s take a dive into why exactly we don’t provide email hosting, and what solutions we offer to help get you the best service possible.

Why Doesn’t Pressable Provide Email Hosting?

In order to provide the best experience possible for our customers and their users, Pressable focuses on one, and only one, kind of hosting: managed WordPress hosting. Rather than pretending to be a ‘jack of all trades’ service provider, we want to be sure that our team, development, support, and accounts, is the best at what we can do.

Also, email hosting is something that’s quite widely available from other sources that provide it as their sole or primary service. While we may not offer email hosting ourselves, we do have plenty of recommendations on providers to meet your business’s specific needs.

What Email Hosting Providers Does Pressable Recommend?


You may have heard about a little company called Google. They’re an up-and-coming startup from California that provides a variety of services for companies of all sizes.

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All joking aside, the GSuite is a great option for email hosting for you and your business. It’s safe, secure, and provides a number of other services that can scale with your growth, like Drive, Docs, and a shared calendar function. Plans start a $6/user/month, so if you’re looking for a complete package, GSuite might be for you.

Office 365 / Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is a great option for those already using other Office 365 products, like Word, Powerpoint, or Outlook. The services integrate seamlessly with each other, and are usually already included if you’re using other Microsoft products.

While Microsoft Exchange is a more cost effective option than GSuite when it comes to just email hosting, if you want to take advantage of everything Microsoft Exchange has to offer, you’ll end up paying quite a bit more in the long run. Exchange costs $12.50/user/month for comparable services, while email hosting alone will cost you $4/user/month.


If you’re looking for the ultimate affordable option, Zoho is where it’s at. To say Zoho provides affordable email hosting is an understatement; you’ll only pay $1/user/month for email hosting. To get services comparable to GSuite or the highest tier of Microsoft Exchange, you’ll only drop $4/user/month.

No matter what email hosting option you go with, there are a few things you’ll need to do when you move your sites over to Pressable. When you change hosts, you lose any of the records you had with your old DNS host, so you’ll need to send us any of the records that you might need (in the case of email, MX records). Not sure about how to migrate your MX records? Don’t worry. Our support team is available 24/7 to ensure your transition is as seamless and simple as possible. Learn more about our support team here.

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