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2022 Update: Pressable now offers email hosting.

Pressable Offers Professional Email in Partnership With Titan

Pressable has partnered with Titan to provide you with feature-rich email that makes connecting with customers, partners, and colleagues easier than ever. As a Pressable customer, you can add custom-domain business email to your website from our hosting dashboard itself.


Titan Email is easy to use, intuitive and complete with all the features need for effective business communication:

  1. Email Templates
  2. Scheduled Send
  3. Follow-up Reminders
  4. Signature Builder
  5. Intuitive Calendar
  6. iOS and Android Apps
  7. Support for SSL, IMAP, and POP3 Email Protocols
  8. Multi-Email-Account Management
  9. Email Aliases
  10. Advanced Search Tool
  11. Spam and Malware Protection

You can try Titan Email for free for the first 90 days. Read more about our email offering here.

Can Other Email Providers Be Used With Pressable?

Titan Mail is the easiest email option to set up with Pressable. But for whatever reason, if you still decide to use any other email providers, you can do so by pointing your email-related DNS records (e.g. MX, SPF) to their servers. Some of the most commonly used email hosting providers, other than Titan are:

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You may have heard about a little company called Google. They’re an up-and-coming startup from California that provides a variety of services for companies of all sizes.

All joking aside, the GSuite is a great option for email hosting for you and your business. It’s safe, secure, and provides a number of other services that can scale with your growth, like Drive, Docs, and a shared calendar function. Plans start a $6/user/month, so if you’re looking for a complete package, GSuite might be for you.

Office 365 / Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is a great option for those already using other Office 365 products, like Word, Powerpoint, or Outlook. The services integrate seamlessly with each other, and are usually already included if you’re using other Microsoft products.

While Microsoft Exchange is a more cost effective option than GSuite when it comes to just email hosting, if you want to take advantage of everything Microsoft Exchange has to offer, you’ll end up paying quite a bit more in the long run. Exchange costs $12.50/user/month for comparable services, while email hosting alone will cost you $4/user/month.


If you’re looking for the ultimate affordable option, Zoho is where it’s at. To say Zoho provides affordable email hosting is an understatement; you’ll only pay $1/user/month for email hosting. To get services comparable to GSuite or the highest tier of Microsoft Exchange, you’ll only drop $4/user/month.

No matter what email hosting option you go with, there are a few things you’ll need to do when you move your sites over to Pressable. When you change hosts, you lose any of the records you had with your old DNS host, so you’ll need to send us any of the records that you might need (in the case of email, MX records). Not sure about how to migrate your MX records? Don’t worry. Our support team is available 24/7 to ensure your transition is as seamless and simple as possible. Learn more about our support team here.

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