Why Managed WordPress Hosting Is Perfect for Agencies

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WordPress is simple. It’s fun to use (once you get the hang of it). Most importantly, WordPress opens up a world of opportunities for marketers. It’s no longer challenging to create a professional website. There are themes to give you almost any look you want, plugins to give you almost any functionality, and content writers waiting to fill your site with quality SEO content. But you still have to find a host that will not only provide a place for your site to live but one that will give you more added value. Managed WordPress hosting does just that.

Lower Your Internal IT Costs

Managed WordPress hosting plans aren’t always the cheapest. Depending on the number of sites you need to host, you could be dropping a pretty penny on a service you could be doing yourself. But a hosting plan is so much more than just a place for your website to live. If your marketing efforts depend on doing business online, then you’ll more than likely be dealing with a system administrator. Managed WordPress hosting could take a system administrator out of the equation.

When it comes to managed hosting, the server owner maintains, supports, and updates the server, often at pennies on the dollar when compared to hiring your own system administrator. Take the average cost of a sys admin off of your payroll, and the cost of managed hosting becomes minuscule. That means you’ll have extra dollars to improve on web design, or even get a premium theme or plugin for your sites.

Simplify Your Technical Tasks

When you’re in marketing, you have a few main goals: spreading a brand message, driving traffic, and turning page views into sales. You know better than anyone else how time- and labor-intensive this can be. Get your time and effort back with a good managed WordPress host. Pressable’s support and development team takes care of all the backend maintenance you would do otherwise, so you can spend less time working on your site and more time engaging with prospective customers.

Boost Your Loading Speeds

Speed plays a huge role in where you rank on search engines. The faster your site loads, the higher it will appear in rankings. Pressable gives you access to servers that are optimized specifically for WordPress sites. You’ll also get tools that will help increase load speeds, like Jetpack Security Daily. Jetpack’s image optimizer will help images load faster (they’ll load even faster if you use these tips for speeding up your WordPress website), and its specialized image and video CDN will help improve the performance of any media files on your site.

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Enhance Your Site Security

Search engines also place high-value on-site security. If your site is insecure or vulnerable to attack from hackers, spammers, or viruses, it can have a huge impact on your ranking. A quality managed WordPress host will help enhance the security of your site, not only for its own protection but for all of its customers.

One of the ways Pressable helps secure our customers’ sites is by providing free SSL certificates. SSL certificates help encrypt user data when it goes from a browser to a server. So when a user inputs something as simple as a password—or as sensitive as a credit card number—their communication with the website is secured and their data is safe.

If WordPress is a major part of your agency, it’s worth finding a good managed WordPress host to look after your site. Your site will work faster, harder, be more secure, and simplify tasks for you, so you can quit worrying about your site and continue doing what you do best: run your business. Whether you’ve got one site or one hundred, Pressable has plans that are perfect for you. Learn more about our managed WordPress hosting plans for agencies.

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