Will Gutenberg Affect Your Website’s SEO?

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Kori Ashton

Hey y’all, it’s Kori Ashton and there has been a lot of talk about Gutenberg inside the world of WordPress specifically about search engine optimization. Is it going to affect how we implement search engine optimization? What are some things we should be concerned about? I’ve got some ideas, I wanna put your mind to ease a little bit today as we walk through some of the things on how Gutenberg could potentially impact your SEO. Let’s talk about it.

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So, let’s start with what is Gutenberg. It’s actually a new way that we will be able to edit content inside of WordPress now using more of a block or a modular type of structure on the front side of your website where now, you basically don’t have to go into just one big block and have a bunch of text and try to insert an image and make it sit correctly. It’s gonna be a really cool kind of drag and drop kind of interface so it’s very exciting. However, it is definitely in its absolute beginner stage, right? So, those of us who might be early adopters are getting me super excited about the use of it, the possibilities of it, but now you’re starting to question, well, if I’m starting to implement it now, even its beta testing and in its early phases, how is that gonna be impactful on my search engine optimization?

Those of you who have not yet dipped your toe into the Gutenberg world and are contemplating it, you might be saying but if I do that again, how will it be impactful on my website? What can I do to ensure that my search engine optimization or my ranking will not affected? So, I’m gonna show you today some ideas on how you can actually get into your website and address search engine optimization specifically with Gutenberg and other solutions, right? So, a lot of us use plugins to meet the needs for search engine optimization or at least to help support them, right? A plugin is certainly not the end all be all answer to SEO on a WordPress website, it is not. It is just kind of an accountability tool to help us understand a little bit more about search engine optimization.

A lot of us use Yoast, which is the most popular SEO plugin and I’m excited to report that Yoast is being very very proactive in having a solution in place to communicate freely and easily with Gutenberg. So, you’ll be able to go into your page just as normal, click edit page, and once you’re in there, if you’ve activated Gutenberg to be inside your website, it’ll live in here just like normal.

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This is very familiar. If you’ve used Yoast in the past, it’s gonna look very comparable here. However, there’s also this really cool icon that looks up in the right hand corner that when you click on it, it allows you to go in and have kind of in this sidebar view some of the Yoast input and feedback. There’s the snippet preview there. So, this is very exciting to stay with you on the screen as you start to build your blocks. You can address SEO inside of here. And of course, SEO, specifically with Yoast, it will be able to read the blocks, which is something that we’ve not really been able to do in the past if you’re using some sort of a page builder on the page.

Yoast has not always been able to go in and see your content and rank your content or rate your content, right? Giving you that green light, that coveted green light. So, all of these different tools that are addressing search engine optimization, plugins, should be just as proactively moving forward toward a solution to communicate with Gutenberg the same way that Yoast is. So, if you’re using a different plugin for search engine optimization, be sure to connect with those plugin authors to ask them how they’re addressing the communication between their plugin and the blocks for Gutenberg, right?

So, Yoast has that in place right now and you’re gonna be able to see it here again here in the regular snippet view, here in the right side sidebar view. You go into it and edit it just the same way you would any other time, any other website. You also wanna think though that inside of your page content inside of your block areas, you’re still able to do the basics, which is your h1s, your h2s, your images will be named correctly for SEO, your alt tags, all of those things inside of the Gutenberg blocks will still exist. So, the nuts and bolts, the fundamentals of SEO are the exact same. Where people might get a little concerned is if you’re using a tool or a resource like a plugin, how will that then be able to connect or communicate with those blocks. Well, again, great news. Yoast especially is leading the way. I know directly, I’ve communicated with Yoast, I’ve seen his concern for Gutenberg, his passion about it, his excitement for it, and they certainly have been working for months if not even a few years already leading up to this, getting ready for the launch of Gutenberg. So, get excited. There is a solution in place of SEO and Gutenberg.

You should be able to reach out to any plugin author that you’re using where there’s premium or the free version and find their solution. If you’re interested in finding more about Gutenberg, I have a cool resource for you. Come over here to Gutenberg Times. I’ll put a link to this in the article below. GutenbergTimes.com, sign up, get on their list, and they will send you all the updates happening with Gutenberg, the glitches, the fixes, the excitement of it, how it’s being used, kind of the update of the launch, and all that goodness. So, this is a really cool tool to be able a part of in the community.

Hey, I hope this has helped y’all. If you’re interested in this be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel because every week, I’m creating content just like this to help you improve your marketing inside the world of WordPress all brought to you by Pressable.com. I hope you’re having a great one.

I’ll see you next time. Bye y’all.

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