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A Guide To Multilingual WordPress Sites

What a fantastic time to be in business! It’s a truly global market, which means your business can cater to customers worldwide. But you must show potential customers that you value them, part of which means speaking to them in their native language. That’s where WordPress multilingual sites come in.

A Guide to Full Site Editing With WordPress

Full Site Editing is a big change for WordPress users. The new features introduce a unique way to build and design websites. We created this e-book as a beginner- friendly introduction to using Full Site Editing.

10 Pro Tips for Securing Your WordPress Websites

In this free e-book, we explore these and several other factors to consider when trying to securely host a managed WordPress website.

Hosting 25+ WordPress Sites the Easy Way

Multi-site management can be overwhelming. Proper organization and framework from the start are essential. This ebook will give you the core building blocks to successfully managing several sites.