Pressable’s affiliate program

Earn $$$ promoting our world-class WordPress hosting

Are you a fan of Pressable? Join our affiliate program today and start earning thousands in commissions for promoting Pressable through your website, blog, email, and social media channels.

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Program benefits

Here are just a few perks of joining Pressable’s affiliate program…

Earn $200+ for every referred sale

We offer a standard $200 commission on every sale you refer with special bonuses for high performing affiliates.

Unlimited earnings

There are absolutely no caps on how much you can make per month. The more successful customers you refer, the more you earn on commission.

Exclusive promos

Affiliates are given the red-carpet treatment at Pressable. You'll get exclusive affiliate-only promos, early access to products, pre-made graphics, and more!

Reliable tracking

We use the industry’s most reliable tracking technologies to ensure you get credit for every single visitor that uses your link to make a purchase.

Dedicated experts

You’ll have access to Affiliate Managers who can provide expert advice and real-world insights to ensure your success as a Pressable partner.

Trusted brand

Pressable is built on the same network as That means your referrals will enjoy 100% uptime, faster websites, industry-leading security, and more!

How does it work?

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  1. Join our affiliate referral program
  2. Promote Pressable on your website, blog, social media, emails, or send to your friends. Make sure to use your unique link!
  3. Get paid! You’ll earn a commission when your referrals sign up for any of Pressable’s Hosting plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the end of each month, we count your referrals that become  customers and pay you the appropriate commission through ShareASale. We will hold your commission for 90 days after the customer purchases a plan, to account for our 90 day cancellation period. You can track your pending commission and see payment dates in your affiliate dashboard.

You have unlimited potential here! The more you promote Pressable and the more referrals sign up for our services the more commissions we pay out to you.

If someone you refer to Pressable doesn’t purchase right away, not to worry! A cookie will be set for 180 days so that when they come back and make a purchase, you will still get credit and earn commission.

We don’t have a traditional free trial but do enable potential customers to try our hosting dashboard for free through the Pressable Playground. Anyone can go to the Pressable Playground at this URL and play around in our hosting dashboard for free.

Yes! You can send your referrals directly to the Playground and your affiliate tracking will still work so long as the customer has your referral cookie in place.

Our Affiliate Programs come with tracking and analytics software so you can see graphs with data to help you know how well you are doing and when you will get paid your commission. After you have joined, you can log into your affiliate dashboard here.

Need ideas for getting started? Want to request a piece of custom content? We’ve got you covered! You can work with one of our Affiliate experts to help you learn the best ways to promote Pressable, as well as, offer creative assets we know already perform well for our other affiliate partners. Contact:

Feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions you might have about our Managed WordPress Hosting or our Affiliate programs in general.

The Pressable Playground is perfect for your evaluation! It’s free to sign up and you have as long as you like to explore and experience the customer dashboard. If you need a true customer account for a limited period of time, please contact our affiliate team and we will evaluate these requests on a case by case basis.