Easy-To-Use Managed WordPress Hosting Dashboard

Get quick, easy access to website data, developer tools, and much more with our easy-to-use hosting dashboard. With a sleek, modern look and intuitive user experience, the Pressable dashboard makes creating and managing WordPress – even multiple WordPress and WooCommerce websites – a snap.

Looking for plan and usage data? It’s all right there. Want to create a website or migrate a pre-existing one? No problem. Want to clone one of your WordPress sites. All it takes is a single click. Need to restore your website from a backup? Super simple.

MyPressable dashboard on a laptop and a mobile device

Oh, the amazing things you can do...

One of the main features of our WordPress hosting services is an easy-to-use dashboard that helps you manage your website quickly and easily, saving you time for other essential things. You’ll enjoy easy access to a variety of tools like:

One-Click Cloning

You can easily create clones on your WordPress site with Pressable. This makes performing repetitive tasks fast and easy. Whether you want to change your domain name, migrate your site, or stage your site before you go live, you can do it with just a click.

Frictionless Migrations

Our Pressable Automated Migration plugin makes migrating a site hassle-free and effortless. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced website developer or a beginner in web hosting; the plugin on our dashboard will do all the complex work for you. What’s more, you can migrate multiple sites fast and without risking the loss of data.

Straightforward Domain Management

Domain names work on a subscription basis, so you need to pay to update them. With Pressable, our easy-to-use dashboard keeps your domain up-to-date as long as you want to use it.

Easy SFTP Access

Our dashboard allows you to reset passwords and secure your file transfers with ease, speed, and confidentiality. We have a collaborator access function that assists in SFTP access. This enables the admins to grant or take away access to specific areas of your site or control panel.

Manage Multiple Websites With Ease

Keeping up with multiple websites on different hosting platforms is a hassle -- not to mention expensive. Consolidate your websites on Pressable and enjoy affordable, feature-rich hosting that makes managing and maintaining multiple WordPress websites simple. Plus, we take care of routine tasks like daily backups, WordPress core updates, malware scans, and more - saving you time and money.

On-Call Access to Trusted Experts

Web hosting is a key component for the success of your website. That’s why our expert support team is available right from your dashboard to help with everything from quick questions to complex troubleshooting. All Pressable hosting plans come with 24/7 support by friendly, certified WordPress engineers who deliver solutions for even the most puzzling of issues.

And much more. Want to see for yourself? Schedule a demo of our WordPress hosting platform today.