Top Picks for WordPress News and Tips

Developers’ Picks

Would you like to learn more about WordPress and stay informed of important news in the WordPress community? There’s tons of great information on the internet but it can be tough to know where to start.

We reached out to three of our agency partners and asked them, “where do you go for WordPress news, tips and discussion?” We’re sharing their favorite resources with our readers. We hope you find their picks helpful.

Daniel GreenDaniel Green of The Green Internet Group, WordPress SEO Expert – The Green Internet Group

So far, I haven’t discovered a single go-to source for all things WordPress. I still go to three resources, although the Blog at Pressable is a rising star.

My favorite source for keeping up with the latest ideas in WordPress, along with some very-detailed tutorials, is Hongkiat. What I like best about Hongkiat is that, when I’m reading it, I’m often surprised to find information that I haven’t seen elsewhere. It exposes our team to new ways to use WordPress and expands my self-created and non-conscious limits on what WordPress can do.’

Bill Erickson is my second pick for WordPress resources. Bill is a Genesis and WordPress guru as well as a designer. Reading Bill’s blog is like stumbling upon a rare book store back in the day. OK, back in my day. Anyway, Bill’s Genesis and WordPress code samples are a gold-mine of time-savers, and I use them as instruction for my WordPress projects. With free genesis code samples that can save you hours as well as very detailed information about WordPress best practices, it’s hard to beat Bill Erickson’s blog.

Finally, do not overlook this treasure chest of WordPress wisdom available at To start, you can use to get support for any sort of WordPress-related issue. The site has deep information of all aspects of WordPress. I wouldn’t call it a design education resources, however, it has dozens of free, well-designed themes for you to use! Even better, take the opportunity to give support to others and get involved with the WordPress community on

I learn by doing, which obviously influences my choices. I cannot wait to hear from the others about where they go for WordPress resources.

Stefanie YoungGROK InteractiveStefanie Young of GROK, WordPress SEO Expert

Whether you’ve been working with WordPress for a few years or a few weeks, the WordPress Codex is an awesome resouce. WordPress is considered one of the best-documented platforms in use today. I can forget the simplest or most complex functions and find the source, the fix and learn a new technique through the Codex.

Another tool that I think is great for any level of WordPress user is WPBeginner. Of course, they offer a ton of directions, advice and options for those just starting out but the news and blog are a bit more advanced. Usually, I start learning about a new patch or theme trends at WPBeginner before diving into more advanced settings like the official WordPress news and blog pages.

There are tons of options out there on the internet, but there is nothing quite like the one-on-one experience that San Antonio has begun to offer. There are Meetups and conferences that are popping up everywhere. In October (2016), WordCamp took place at Texas A&M University and the speakers were fantastic. There were discussions for advanced, beginner and even a business circuit that tackled content and marketing management through the CMS. Meetups are also happening in town and have lead to awesome mentorships and in-depth discussions about where to begin for those unsure where to start. Honestly, the in-person experiences are where I learn the most so I highly encourage you to attend them.

Tahara EzellWebhead

At times, I find that it’s easy to search Google for help on how to perform a WordPress installation or center a new WordPress template. I also see many blogs and discussions or tips on the best plugins or themes to use.  However, once Google yields its results, the amount of information to sift through can be overwhelming.

Let’s talk about some good resources you can visit whenever you’re in need of WordPress assistance or you just want to read some WordPress news. When I need support for the WordPress framework, I visit The site is easy to navigate and has search features specific to themes, plugins, mobile and support that you may need to wrap up a project you may be working on.

The next one you should keep in your toolbox is WP Help Forum. The site has extensive forum discussions on topics such as hacks, how-tos, SEO, installations and, my favorite, marketing. Now, this site hasn’t been around for years, but it has helped me or even pointed me in the right direction when I’ve found myself with an unusual problem or even needing to come up with something a little more creative than the norm.

Torque is probably one of my most favorite sites for discovering new, exciting things going on with WordPress. The entire site is dedicated to the latest news about things such as APIs, events, SEO, tips and tricks and much more. Another great feature of Torque is its WordPress plugin section where they introduce new and best practices for current and new plugin usage. The last “awesome sauce” that I can say about Torque is that it’s updated frequently. So, my friends, the next time you need help with a particular WordPress issue, whether you’re a developer, a designer or just learning, check out some of the links in this article.

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