We’re giving away $500!

500 likes final

That headline is not a mistake! We are just a few “likes” from reaching 500 on Facebook and we wanted to celebrate by giving 5 lucky customers a $100 hosting credit.  Simply follow the the steps below for your chance to win:

  • Like Pressable on Facebook.
  • Find this post and tell us about your best experience with Pressable’s Support Staff by commenting on that post.

We will be selecting 5 random comments on Friday May 8th and will apply a $100 credit to their account. We look forward seeing the comments!

Press On!


Fiesta time at Pressable!

If you don’t already know, Pressable’s headquarters are located in San Antonio, Texas. And if you know anything about San Antonio, you know about Fiesta! What’s Fiesta? Well let me tell you! Fiesta started in 1891 as a one-parade event. It evolved into one of this nation’s premier festivals, with an economic impact of more than $284 million for our city! In other words, it’s San Antonio’s version of Madri Gras, great food and a ton of festivities! So when our

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Pressable March Madness Bracket Challenge

Are you a huge college basketball fan? Do you “take sick days” during March Madness? Do you fill out brackets by picking your favorite colors or which mascot is cuter? Which ever person you are, we would like to invite you to create a bracket in our Pressable group! The whole Pressable team is participating in our very own office pool, and this year we are opening it to our customers. The customer who gets the most points in our ESPN

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The Case For and Against Akismet

Akismet has been on my mind quite a bit lately. In the past several weeks I’ve publicly pronounced my passion and love for the plugin on three separate occasions. On twitter (my favorite): Every time you have a #WordPress site with #Akismet DEACTIVATED you kill a kitten. Don’t kill kittens. pic.twitter.com/WGIEVL5AqA — Kai Armstrong (@phikai) January 8, 2015 In our blog (Advanced WP-CLI Commands shameless plug) I briefly touched on Akismet and how I have yet to see a compelling argument against

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Introducing Pressable Community Lounge

Part of the process of finding ways to improve upon our services over the course of the last few weeks was to find out ways that we can address customer concerns. Over the last couple of weeks we received a large amount of feedback regarding the optimization of our communication channels. We were being told by our customers that they wanted easier, more efficient, and more effective lines of communication during outages, service interruptions, or maintenances. Pressable Community Lounge The first

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