3 WordPress Plugins That Developers Can’t Live Without

Developer’s Picks

With over 46,000 plugins available for WordPress, there’s a plugin for just about everything. How can you determine which plugins are valuable, and which ones you can do without? We turned to three of our agency partners for advice, and asked them, “what is one WordPress plugin you can’t live without?” Their responses were full of great insights, so we decided to share their picks with our readers. We hope you find their responses informative.

Divi Builder


Edyta “E” JordanEdyta "E" JordanWebhead

The one plugin I cannot live without is easily the Divi Builder by Elegant Themes. This plugin is simply amazing! Every time I develop a website, I’m faced with the challenge of creating an amazing web experience, while developing a backend that allows the client (with little to no technical/coding or design knowledge) to easily make updates to the website.

This is where the Divi Builder comes in – it makes it very simple to bring a client’s ideas to life with the most amazing page layouts, while preserving the integrity of the design. It really is the ultimate page builder plugin because the client’s creativity is not restricted because of functionality.  With almost 50 content modules to choose from and the ability to save layouts (from entire page layouts to individual content areas) you can build posts and pages that leave a lasting impression on your web audience!

Advanced Custom Fields


Isaac Castilloprofile-isaacEcho Design Solutions

I can do more custom development with this plugin more than any other plugin. I create a custom post type, tie this plugin into it, and go to town designing the interface for clients to interact with.

WP Migrate DB Pro


Erik FordErik Ford – Heavy Heavy

What defines a plugin I cannot live without would be one that allows me to easily perform complex tasks within the WordPress dashboard. For me, the answer is hands down WP Migrate DB Pro by Delicious Brains. I spend quite a bit of time designing and building WordPress themes for clients and myself in a local environment using MAMP.  At any given moment, I may potentially have 4 to 5 concurrently active projects equaling 4 to 5 different databases to manage. WP Migrate DB Pro gives me the ability to seamlessly sync between all of my local and production databases with the click of a button without having to open Terminal.

The user interface is well thought out with well-placed tooltips and progress bars so I always understand exactly what the plugin is doing or the settings I have selected. Once setup, I have the capability of pushing and pulling an entire database or granularly choosing which tables to migrate. The plugin handles complex searching and replacing serialized data converting permalinks properly between databases without corrupting the data. This frees me up from doing so using a separate script. With the Media Files Addon, I get the added functionality of syncing my disparate media libraries as well. All in all, a process that formerly took me 15 to 20 minutes to complete, now takes less than 5. If you are in the business of building WordPress themes, I highly recommend adding this plugin to your toolbox.

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