Re-Introducing the Pressable WordPress Community Lounge

Pressable and Slack for the Pressable WordPress Community Lounge

A few months ago we introduced the Pressable WordPress Community Lounge in response to some overwhelming feedback that people wanted more access and better lines of communication to our team. It’s been a huge success, and based on all of the great feedback we’ve received from users we’re taking things a step further today. We’re switching to Slack.

What is Slack?

If you haven’t heard of Slack, you may want to crawl out from under your desk and take a look up at the internet.

Slack is...

It’s also powering real-time communication for the WordPress core project. All of this is to say that it’s the cool kid on the block and provides us with the tools and features we want, to build a community.

What features?

Some of the most requested features of the Pressable Community Lounge were chat history and private messages. We have those now.

We’re also gaining several new features and byproducts that we’re really excited about.


With the typical use and culture of Slack, we’ll be gaining more of the WordPress community feel we originally aimed for. Users will be able to hang out in the chat rooms even when they don’t have a need. And with chat history, they’ll have the ability to be more involved with other WordPress community members.


Our team is already getting really excited to roll out channels for various topics. We’re planning some of the usual suspects for topics on themes and plugins, but we’re huge sports fans here so don’t be surprised if you see a room for that too.


One of the failures of the current lounge is the lack of accessibility. Our old lounge required you to find a link and leave a browser window open in order to keep lines of communication with our team open. With Slack we’re gaining accounts and native apps across almost every platform you can think of.


Good news, we want you to have it now too! We’ve got a great new getting started guide and updated our guide on accessing the Pressable WordPress Community Lounge over on the Knowledge Base. Start by reading through those and then come chat with us!

We’re giving away $500!

That headline is not a mistake! We are just a few “likes” from reaching 500 on Facebook and we wanted to celebrate by giving 5 lucky customers a $100 hosting credit.  Simply follow the the steps below for your chance to win: Like Pressable on Facebook. Find this post and tell us about your best experience with Pressable’s Support Staff by commenting on that post. We will be selecting 5 random comments on Friday May 8th and will apply a $100

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