Best Cities To Live While Working Remotely

Working on a beach

Working remotely means you can live anywhere, right? Well…almost anywhere. There are certain standards that any city, town, or cabin in the woods must meet for the average telecommuter: good wifi, good coffee and good people, just to name a few. If the big city is the only possible place that comes to mind, think again. At Pressable, our WordPress experts are scattered across the globe, from West Texas to Argentina. There are plenty of possibilities for your next personal

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Privacy Policy Update

Pressable is committed to privacy and transparency. For that reason, on October 1, we will update our Privacy Policy as part of that commitment. We believe our new Policy will improve your understanding of how we collect and use personal information. Here’s why: We split the Privacy Policy up into sections titled: Information We Collect, How and Why We Use Information, Sharing Information, and Choices. While we were writing the Policy, we aimed to make it easier to understand. We

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5 Ways to Improve Your WordPress Site’s Performance

Guy hugging his computer screen

Over 40 percent of people will leave your site if it takes over 4 seconds to load. Yeah, your site’s performance is that important. Not only that, site performance is a crucial part of your overall online presence. With a slow loading website, you’re automatically creating a poor user experience, which will only reflect negatively on the success of your site, and diminish your chances of building a loyal fanbase. Plus, you’ll also rank lower in the search engines. Luckily,

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It’s a Bird, its a Plane! It’s Pressable’s API!

The Pressable API is here

Wouldn’t it be great to revolutionize your workflow? Well our new API will do just that. And, during our public beta, you can manage your hosting account and your sites in ways you never thought possible. Our team has created a platform that outperforms most, and we wanted to add to the awesomeness by making a public-facing API that will provide freedoms to each customer, and help their business thrive! For our agency customers, the sky is the limit! Using

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Four Ways Managed WordPress Hosting Saves You Time

Managed WordPress Hosting - Support

The old saying goes, ‘Time is money.’ And in the digital age, that saying goes tenfold. Just one second in page load speed can mean the difference between getting a customer’s attention, or losing a customer for life. When it comes to WordPress, there are tons of ways you can save time, and managed WordPress hosting is one of them. See, when you trust your site to a company that specializes in WordPress hosting, like Pressable, you gain tons of

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