Wolf Bishop’s Remote Work/Life

At Pressable, we don’t have an office. Our team members work from the location they choose, anywhere in the United States. In today’s post, Wolf Bishop is giving you a glimpse into his fully-remote work/life.

Wolf Bishop, Customer Success Agent

My name is Wolf Bishop and I work as a Customer Success Agent for Pressable (the best managed WordPress hosting company around). My office is one corner of a small shed on a 19 acre homestead I share with my wife and 3 kids in the Missouri Ozarks.

I have worked remotely for most of the last  7 years. Taking my work home, so to speak, has been the best, most rewarding decision of my entire career.

I love the freedom and flexibility I’m given. I have time to spend with my family or complete projects on the homestead. We’re off-grid and working towards complete self-sufficiency so it takes a bit of work!


I am in the process of building a soundproof studio/office but, for now, I work from a small corner of the waterhouse/shed on our land. When I need to record videos, I work from my truck because it is the quietest space I have.

My power is provided by a combination of solar and generator power but I will soon add a few 400 watt wind turbines as well. We really want to get rid of the noisy generator!


I use a 2017 Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming laptop with 16gb ram, a 128gb SSD and 1TB HDD. It has Intel graphics as well as an Nvidia Geforce 1050 ti with 4GB of dedicated memory. At 2.8ghz, it has more than enough processing power for video editing, This is important because I am starting to create tutorial videos for the Pressable Knowledge Base.

My desktop background is a picture I took this spring on my own land. I use Arch Linux and Conky runs at all times on my desktop.

For recording, I use an ATR 2100 Dynamic USB microphone and a Kotion Beach gaming headset.

Favorite Parts of the Remote Work/Life

My job is very flexible so, while I do keep a pretty regular schedule, my hours can be made to fit my lifestyle, appointments, obligations, etc. If I need to take time off for a doctor’s appointment or to help a sick child or wife, I can do that.

I love that I can sit here in my office and hear the sounds of nature just outside. I leave my door wide open, so I can hear the birds, watch the occasional squirrel or wild rabbit and feel the breeze. Sometime, when the office is especially hot, I sit on the deck with my laptop doing my job.

Another awesome thing about my remote work/life is that I am free to pursue my love of travel. My job nurtures that love because I don’t have to miss work no mater how much I travel. As long as one of my 2 phone hotspots can connect to the internet, I can work no matter where I am.

My children and wife know that, when I am working, I am essentially not here. Except for the occasional break that my wife makes me take, I get no interruptions. But they are still here, which means that I can secretly laugh at my children’s silly antics outside.

I love my job. I love helping folks get the most from the services we provide at Pressable. I love the awesome folks I get to work with every day! And I love the freedom of my remote work/life!

If you like Pressable’s remote work/life, check out our current openings.

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