Pressable March Madness Bracket Challenge


Are you a huge college basketball fan? Do you “take sick days” during March Madness? Do you fill out brackets by picking your favorite colors or which mascot is cuter? Which ever person you are, we would like to invite you to create a bracket in our Pressable group! The whole Pressable team is participating in our very own office pool, and this year we are opening it to our customers. The customer who gets the most points in our ESPN group will receive A FREE YEAR OF HOSTING ($300 credit applied to your account).

To enter visit ESPNs Tournament Challenge, create an account by clicking on the Get Started button, or login to ESPN if you already have an account. Once you create an account make sure to search for “Pressable” in the Group Page. You can also Click Here for our group page. ESPN also has an app for both iPhone and Android that you can find in the app stores.

Once in our Group use your lucky rabbit foot, magic 8 ball, or wish upon a shooting star and fill out your bracket. Be sure to fill it out completely before the tournament starts on Thursday March 19th to maximize your point total!

Wanna chat with us during the games? Check out our new Pressable Lounge Chat Room as we may or may not have a tv here and there.

Good Luck!



The Case For and Against Akismet

Akismet has been on my mind quite a bit lately. In the past several weeks I’ve publicly pronounced my passion and love for the plugin on three separate occasions. On twitter (my favorite): Every time you have a #WordPress site with #Akismet DEACTIVATED you kill a kitten. Don’t kill kittens. — Kai Armstrong (@phikai) January 8, 2015 In our blog (Advanced WP-CLI Commands shameless plug) I briefly touched on Akismet and how I have yet to see a compelling argument against

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Introducing Pressable Community Lounge

Part of the process of finding ways to improve upon our services over the course of the last few weeks was to find out ways that we can address customer concerns. Over the last couple of weeks we received a large amount of feedback regarding the optimization of our communication channels. We were being told by our customers that they wanted easier, more efficient, and more effective lines of communication during outages, service interruptions, or maintenances. Pressable Community Lounge The first

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Root Cause Analysis of Outage for Week of January 19, 2015

The following is a root cause analysis and postmortem for the outage experienced during the week of January 19th, 2015 at Pressable. Root Cause Analysis. What caused this outage? Ultimately, the reason for this outage was a well crafted attack on our systems.  The attack was a variant of the “slowloris” attack discovered in 2009.  The attack went undetected for so long due to the method in which it was executed. After discovering this variant of the attack, we have

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We’re Sorry for the Downtime.

Beginning on January 9, 2015 Pressable experienced the worst outage in the history of the company. Below is an email from Vid Luther (Founder and CEO) sent to all customers impacted by the issue. On behalf of the entire team at Pressable, I would like to say we’re sorry. We’re sorry about the outages you have experienced recently, including the longest ever outage in company history, this weekend. I’m also sorry for not responding  to some of your phone calls

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