Introducing Pressable Community Lounge

Part of the process of finding ways to improve upon our services over the course of the last few weeks was to find out ways that we can address customer concerns. Over the last couple of weeks we received a large amount of feedback regarding the optimization of our communication channels. We were being told by our customers that they wanted easier, more efficient, and more effective lines of communication during outages, service interruptions, or maintenances.

Pressable Community Lounge

The first big step in opening up new and improved lines of communications is the introduction of the Pressable Community Lounge.

Toward the tail end of a major outage we experienced, not long ago, we opened up a chat channel where customers could join and find information, in real time, about the work being performed to get sites back up and running. As it turns out, it was very helpful in getting information out to customers in a way they could get quick answers to questions being asked frequently.


A screenshot of the Pressable Lounge chat available at

We’ve decided to bring back the community lounge to see if it can have the same effect for general customer inquiries and for it to act as a means of getting frequently asked customer questions answered quickly.

You can find information about how to join the Pressable Community Lounge and a set of Guidelines at the linked below:

We hope to see you in the community lounge and are looking forwarding to making improvements to this new initiative in the coming year.


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