Tools for Managing Sales and Partnerships

Claudia CharbelToday’s post was written by Claudia Charbel, Pressable’s Director of Sales and Partnerships. Claudia works remotely, leading Pressable’s sales and partnership efforts, in addition to serving as the primary point-of-contact on billing and account management inquiries for Pressable’s customers. With so many hats to wear, Claudia uses a myriad of tools and strategies to help keep her priorities straight and her work flowing. Claudia decided to share some of the lessons she’s learned, as well a few tools from her toolbox, with our readers. We hope you enjoy learning about Claudia’s experiences and that you can apply her insights to your own work.


With so many tasks on my plate, it’s crucial that I manage my time and my work efficiently so that I don’t fall behind. One of the best things I’ve done is identify my strengths and base my workflow on how I work best. For example, I would rather make a list of my tasks and get each tasks done one by one than tackle a long list of to-dos at random. In practical terms, I make a list of my tasks each day so that, when a ticket comes in or one of our VIP customers sends me an email, I can address the issue at hand and still get back to my list before the end of the day. I know I’m not telling you anything that you haven’t heard before but if, like me, you feel accomplished after checking a task off a list, you might try listing your day’s tasks.

When it comes to working from home, one tool that I can’t live without is my unusually large monitor. Hear me out. At any given moment, I’ve got 3 or 4 reports that need to be reviewed, such as billing inquires and customer feedback. To work through these reports, I’ve got to have my email and Pressable’s Chargify portal open in addition to the reports themselves. I usually take the opportunity to read a customer’s ticket history when I’m reviewing their feedback as well.

At the same time that I’m reviewing reports, we’re receiving pre-sales inquiries through Olark that need responses, and I’ve got Slack open (of course) to communicate with our team. That’s at least 5 windows that need to be opened on my computer at any given time. If I can’t keep an eye on all of my windows at once, a 1.5-hour task can turn into a stressful afternoon. This is where having a large monitor pays off. I can have each of the windows I need to view visible and sized in a way that makes them easy to see, and I’m able to move from window to window without skipping a beat! Even if I drop everything to respond to an urgent request from a customer, I can get back to the task at hand quickly.

This leads me to NPS, and the feedback we collect from our current customers. Our customers’ feedback has helped us prioritize the features that we’ve add to our product roadmap. We’ve even gone back and identified valuable feedback from customers who’ve churned to let them know about the launch of a new feature that they requested. To accomplish all of this, I enlist Promoter. When it comes to NPS, Promoter is the cream of the crop: the user interface is top notch, and the dashboard and metrics are indispensable. I launch a new NPS campaigns every 4 to 5 months using Promoter to solicit feedback from our customers. We’ve used Promoter to incorporate our customers’ ideas into the future of Pressable, and our product is better better as a result.

One thing that we quickly learned from NPS campaigns is that agencies and freelance developers are looking for a web host that will partner with them to help their customers succeed. This feedback led us to create Pressable’s partner program, which pays commissions for referrals and provides resources that agencies can use to grow their business. Some partners have turned their commissions into hosting credits, and others into a recurring revenue stream.

Offering a resource like a partner program requires me to keep track of commissions and partner referrals, which makes for a lot of transactions. I collaborate with Jeff, Pressable’s COO, to strategize and keep our records up to date with the help of Google Apps for Business. By sharing documents and sheets through Google Apps, Jeff and I can update records and evaluate transactions without duplicating our work! Google Apps helps me free up my time to focus on finding ways that Pressable can help our agency and freelance developer partners succeed.

For the last tool of this post, I’m coming back to lists: my Google inbox. I star an email when I know that it requires a follow up. Once I’ve completed a starred task, I immediately file the email in a folder. This also helps me keep a pulse on my ticket queue and make sure that our customers and future customer alike get their questions answered in a timely fashion.

My work requires me to do new things every day, which is why I lean heavily on the tools that I’ve shared in this post. By using the tools in my toolbox to help me manage my work, I’ve been able to craft a workflow that helps me balance my work and my life. As the Pressable team continues to grow and push the envelope, I know that I’ll need to expand my toolbox and look for new ways to engage with our customers, so I’m always open to suggestions! What are some of the tools that you use to help you manage your work?

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