WordPress hosting for high-traffic websites

Grow your business on a versatile, reliable enterprise-level networkWhen you run a high-traffic website, flexibility and reliability are essential. You need a hosting provider that delivers a redundant architecture, scalable plans, industry-leading security, and 24/7 expert support so you can rest assured your WordPress site always performs at its best.
You need Pressable – where WordPress works best.

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Why businesses with high-traffic WordPress websites choose Pressable

Whether you run a WooCommerce store that regularly receives more than a million visitors a month, or a WordPress website with a rapidly-growing online audience, Pressable provides the performance, reliability, and support you need to succeed.

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What you get with our managed WordPress hosting service

For high-traffic WordPress websites, experts recommend you use a managed WordPress hosting provider that specializes in hosting and optimizing WordPress sites.

With a scalable infrastructure, optimized servers, and additional performance-enhancing features Pressable’s hosting was made to handle high-traffic WordPress websites. Our global network of 28+ data centers across six continents ensures fast page speed for all site visitors.

Scalable infrastructure

Your business will grow and evolve, and we want to help you on that journey, even through traffic spikes. Pressable can easily scale with your site’s traffic, so you never have to worry about downtime or slow loading times. 

Optimized servers

For both speed and security, picking a host that’s optimized for WordPress gives you an advantage. At Pressable, we only offer managed WordPress hosting, which means our servers provide optimal WordPress performance. 


We use a cutting-edge server infrastructure built by the same brilliant minds who created WordPress. The protocol uses advanced SSDs to build faster response and load times, even on an enterprise scale.


A Pressable-hosted site can handle even the heaviest loads. Blisteringly fast load times will bring your customers what they need in circumstances that other hosting solutions can’t bear. You can even use your performance to catch your customers’ eye thanks to our caching options that are adjustable to your needs. 


We’re confident in our ability to deliver 100% uptime. We know we can help you remain online and available even when traffic spikes hit their peak. We’re so confident we can pull it off that we drafted our own service-level agreement. We guarantee our infrastructure to support your website, but should we fail, we’ll return 5% of your monthly fee for every 30 minutes of downtime. 


If you work in eCommerce, you know how important your customers’ information is. One data breach can sink an entire company. You want more than a website that can perform. You want a website that won’t crack under pressure, whether it’s from customers or criminals. Pressable is set to provide. We’re here to make sure that never happens and to give you peace of mind.


When it comes to website hosting, you get what you pay for. We provide a range of managed WordPress hosting plans based on your needs and budget, and you can grow your infrastructure whenever you’re ready instead of spending on unnecessary upgrades. 

Content delivery network

Our free CDN lowers the chances of impatient customers leaving your site. We get the content you worked hard on delivered to customers quickly and efficiently. Beat bandwidth bottlenecks and high bounce rates with us. 

Staging environment

We include free staging environments with every site, so you can experiment, focus test, and fix bugs on your site before it ever goes live. Additionally, during times of high traffic, you can experiment and adjust with no changes to your site’s performance. You can even roll out an update mid-rush to improve the customer experience for your unique visitors. 

ECommerce integration

ECommerce plugins save milliseconds of processing time, which add up to thousands of hours for enterprise clients. Our infrastructure supports secure plugins for inventory management, payment processing, and more.

With everything under one stress-tested system, you can handle a run on your inventory even with hundreds of customers who all want the same product.

Optimized performance

Host your site on a platform built with high-traffic websites in mind. Redundant data centers, automatic failover, a global CDN, and more ensure your WordPress website has enterprise-level speed and 100% guaranteed uptime.

Industry-leading security

We pride ourselves on creating a secure solution that keeps your website safe. Our team monitors for malware 24/7 and will remove it at the first sight of an intrusion. Additionally, DDoS protection keeps your site secure and running smoothly.

Customized hosting plans

Need hosting for a site with over a million visitors per month? How about 200GB of storage space? Maybe a dedicated slack channel for expedited support? We can customize a plan to meet your unique requirements and specifications.

Unlimited 24/7 expert support

Think of Pressable as an extension of your in-house team, ready to deliver expert advice and support if there’s ever a problem. Certified WordPress engineers are available 24/7 for everything from simple troubleshooting to complex issue resolution.

Personalized onboarding

With Pressable, you get a personalized onboarding specialist that helps set up your account, provision a new site, or migrate an existing one. Your onboarding specialist can answer questions and be your ongoing, consistent point of contact.

Proactive maintenance

Save time and money by letting Pressable keep your WordPress core installations up-to-date, as well as perform server-side optimizations, version updates, and other routine maintenance to keep your site secure and performing at its best.

Frequently asked questions

WordPress can handle high traffic depending on your website’s design, the number of plugins it uses, and which hosting provider you choose. With Pressable, you never have to worry about your site standing up to an influx of traffic.

Yes, finding a provider that knows WordPress inside and out can make all the difference. If you’re looking for the best in website management, a hosting company specializing in optimizing WordPress for high traffic guarantees that everything goes off without a hitch. Pressable provides the optimized hosting you need.

Websites that see high traffic need to be maintained for proper speed and security, which means you need a service capable of managing the traffic with optimal performance. A managed WordPress hosting service like Pressable takes care of the traffic demands on the backend so you can focus on delivering quality products to your customers.

As more users start accessing your website, you’ll want to be able to support their needs. WordPress can handle just about anything with proper setup, maintenance, and hosting. Optimizing WordPress for millions of users is possible, but it needs to have enough caching and a solid hosting provider for the best results.

Yes, our Managed WordPress hosting is secure. With every site, you’ll have access to SSL certificates, Web application firewall (WAF), Malware scanning, and threat monitoring through our expert support team. And if the worst happens, free hack recovery assistance.

You have options to improve your website host’s performance during high-traffic peaks. You can minimize file sizes, conduct frequent testing, and make sure everything’s up to date. Perhaps the best thing you can do is find a host capable of improving performance all on its own.