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Woman thinking about how to improve her agency's SEO capabilities.

SEO Should be FOM for Freelancers and Design Agencies – Part 2

In WordPress world today, every web developer, designer and marketer is looking to get into the SEO game. But, where should you even start? With so many tools and tips out there, it can be…

Someone holding a mobile device looking at the best ways to use plugins to improve WordPress site security.
WordPress Plugins & Themes

It Takes a Village – WordPress Site Plugin Security & Beyond

There’s no question about it when it comes to site security: you need to keep your data and your customers’ information safe. But that means keeping track of all the different ways your site might…

Woman thinking about how to improve her agency's SEO capabilities.

SEO Should be FOM for Freelancers and Design Agencies – Part 1

In the WordPress and agency space, there is a certain topic that is increasingly on everyone’s mind: SEO (search engine optimization). While my friends in the web community are stellar visual designers and web developers,…

A magnet drawing clients to you.

How to Make Your Clients Sticky

As you build your customer base, it’s important to keep in mind that the work doesn’t stop once you get that client to sign on for that one-time project. Once they’ve agreed to work with…

man sitting next to a computer at a desk reading freelance contracts

Freelance Contracts: Where Do I Even Start?

Let’s face it. No one really wants to write up a contract. There are so many different parts and so many ways it might go wrong. What if you forget to include a schedule of…

Two robots discussing something
WordPress Tutorials

Adding Automation to Your WordPress Site – Part II

As the preceding post on automation revealed, the addition of simple plugins to your WordPress site can go a long way to relieving you of time-consuming maintenance work. In this post we’ll delve deeper into…

Kori Ashton waving hello to her viewers.
WordPress Tips & Tricks

Is WordPress Secure?

Below is a transcript from Kori Ashton’s YouTube Video: Is WordPress Secure? Hey y’all I’m Kori Ashton and you’re probably doing a search trying to figure out, is WordPress secure? Over and over again, we…

Two robots talking
WordPress Tutorials

Adding Automation to Your WordPress Site – Part I

Automation is a term that often conjures up images of robotics, AI, and impersonal mechanization. While the idea of relinquishing control of your WordPress site to automation may sound less than appealing, adding automation to…

A person reviewing the pros and cons of contract work.

Pros and Cons of Contract Work

Contracts: Nobody Wants One Until You Wish You Had One We’ve all been there. You said you would do one thing, but the client wanted something else. Now you and your client are exchanging awkward…

A man who is taking advantage of the top five remote working hacks.

Top Five Remote Working Hacks for a Better Workday

Ah…remote working. No dress code. No commute. No limits on where you can set up your laptop and get to work. What could be better? Turns out, working remotely isn’t as easy as you might…

Man at desk deciding whether an agency or freelance is right for his business.

Agency or a Freelancer – Which Is Right for Your Business?

There’s no doubt about it–the ‘gig economy’ is taking over the world. Some economists claim that by 2027, the majority of workers in the US will be freelance, hawking their skills off to those who…

Managed WordPress Hosting - Support

Four Ways Managed WordPress Hosting Saves You Time

The old saying goes, ‘Time is money.’ And in the digital age, that saying goes tenfold. Just one second in page load speed can mean the difference between getting a customer’s attention, or losing a…