Next-gen WordPress plugin updates and reporting

Automatic WordPress plugin and theme updates that set a new standard for site reliability. From backups and cloning, to testing and reporting, rest assured knowing that Pressable’s advanced plugin management tools are there to keep your WordPress site running smoothly.

Enjoy peace of mind – on your schedule.

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Beyond updates

Automatic updates for WordPress plugins and themes hasn’t changed much over the years. While they’re great for keeping your site secure and bug-free, automatic updates without proper planning can leave you blind to everything that happens behind the scenes. We believe in clarity and transparency to help maintain the best WordPress experience possible.

There’s a lot of managed WordPress hosts out there that are promoting automatic updates as a feature. But are they doing anything beyond what WordPress core already does? You’d be surprised at how little they actually do to keep your site running in tip-top shape.

Pressable cares about more than just a checkbox on a feature list. We care about solutions that improve your site’s overall health, reliability, and performance.

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  • Updates to your site - on your schedule

    It doesn’t matter how reliable your update process is – something is bound to happen eventually. To mitigate any potential risks, schedule updates at a time that works best for you and your team.

    Overnight while traffic is low? Sleep soundly knowing that Pressable has your back.
    Prefer a time when your team is online to address any potential issues? Predictable update scheduling ensures that additional testing can be performed quickly and efficiently.

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  • Detailed site health reports

    Would you notice if your site took an extra 0.2 seconds to load? We do.

    As part of Pressable’s automated update workflows, Lighthouse tests are performed on your site before and after the update – sniffing out anything that might otherwise sneak up on you.

    Dashboard showing a performance report.
  • Automated, seamless snapshots

    Imagine a world where every WordPress plugin and theme update worked perfectly every time. A world where upstream bugs were never a concern.

    Sorry, you can’t have that. Bugs happen.

    Fortunately, Pressable has you covered with the next best thing – automated backups of your site during every step of the update process. If disaster strikes, your WordPress site can be rolled back with ease.

    Dashboard showing a clone and backup of a site being created.
  • Debugging made simple

    We’ve all been there – you discover an obscure bug on a deep, dark corner of your WordPress site, but aren’t quite sure when or how it happened. It worked fine a week ago, but now it’s giving you problems.

    Pressable’s advanced update process has your back. Update history, including each test that was run, is automatically logged and displayed in an easily accessible timeline. Whether you’re looking back to track down an unexpected bug, need to roll back to a different version, or simply curious to see what’s going on behind the scenes, Pressable has you covered.

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Ready to simplify your workflow?

Pressable can help. Whether you’re an existing Pressable customer who wants to take advantage of a more streamlined, stable workflow or you’re checking out what Pressable has to offer, we’re happy to guide you on your journey.

$ 3.00 /mo

Per site when billed monthly

$30/year with annual billing

Stress-free automatic plugin updates

Custom scheduling

Effortless pre-flight testing and health monitoring

Automatic performance reporting

Easy rollbacks

Verbose logging

Managed plugin updates and reporting is an add-on feature to a Pressable hosting plan.

You may purchase managed plugin updates and reporting by signing into the control panel, navigating to the site you want plugin updates managed on, and clicking "Manage Plugins" or start a chat with sales.

  1. Graphic showing plugin has an available update.

    Update detected

    Based on your schedule, Pressable will check for updates across your plugin stack. If an update is available on any of the plugins you’ve configured, a workflow will be created to get them up to date.

  2. Graphic showing performance before and after plugin updates.

    Performance reports

    Before performing any changes, Pressable tests your designated URLs and generates a report on your site’s performance. By running these checks before and after the plugin update process, they can be compared against each other to see if the update had any impacts on your site’s performance.

  3. Graphic showing a site is backed up, cloned, and then plugin updates run.

    Backup and cloning

    Next, a snapshot is made of your site and cloned to a staging environment where the update is performed. This way, any update issues can be detected in an isolated environment – never on your live production site.

    Additionally, the snapshot is there as a backup if you need it. There’s always potential for edge cases that hide themselves deep in your site. This backup ensures that even if a problem sneaks past testing and onto your production site, you can always roll back with the click of a button.

  4. Graphic showing when errors are detected during plugin updates.

    Health and performance checks

    After the update is performed in an isolated staging environment, Pressable runs additional health and performance tests on your site. Combined with the reports generated before the update occurred, the results are compared.

    Ever had a plugin update add an extra 0.2 seconds to your page load times? Would you even know if you did? With pre and post-update performance checks, Pressable removes the guesswork.

  5. Graphic showing plugins were updated safely.

    Rest assured

    While you were busy sleeping, Pressable handled all of the heavy lifting for you. Backups, testing, and deployments are done – responsible WordPress plugin management, made simple.

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How to get started

Ready to adopt an update workflow that keeps your WordPress site running reliably? We’d love to help.

Existing customers can add Pressable managed updates to their existing accounts. Check out our guide to learn more about configuring your WordPress update schedule.

Not yet a Pressable customer? Check out Pressable’s managed WordPress hosting plans.

Frequently asked questions

In the majority of cases, yes. If your premium plugin or theme allows for updating from within the WordPress admin, Pressable’s managed WordPress updates will work just fine.

On the back end, there’s quite a bit going on. Maintaining snapshots, performing clone operations, and running site reports is a lot of work. All of that extra work comes with tradeoffs.

Most hosts would opt for bundling it in, but would sacrifice something else to make up for the added cost. We don’t like that approach – it makes people pay for things that they don’t need. Rather than increasing pricing for everyone across the board or cutting back on things like support, we feel that the best approach is to let you decide for yourself.

Like it? Pay a few extra bucks. Don’t need it? Don’t pay for it – all while providing the same great experience that our customers deserve.