Free automatic failover for reliability you can count on

Our free automatic failover system monitors the network for any disruptions and automatically switches to another server should any issues arise with your selected server. This is a lifesaver for businesses that rely on the constant availability of mission-critical websites as it ensures normal operations will continue to run without interruptions.

And, because we offer this premium feature for free, there’s no need to subscribe to a separate DNS failover service.

A graphic depicting the idea of how our servers failover.

How automatic failover works

Automatic failover will automatically kick-in during any sort of server outage. There are three types of these events: Group failure, disk read/write failure, and node failure.

Group failure

This happens when a group (administrator-defined) of server nodes inside a cluster becomes unresponsive due to a power failure or a network error that disrupted a specific subnet or a physical rack of machines. All customer data is replicated to an alternate region. This allows us to have automated region-based failover. In the event of a region failure (e.g., our Dallas region), the group will failover to another region.

Disk read/write failure

A significant failure rate for a longer period than a specified time length resulted after attempts are made to write to or read from a disk on a specific node. The node will continue to be contactable but will be removed by automatic failover.

Node failure

A node within the server's cluster is unresponsive due to an out-of-memory problem, a network failure, or another node-specific issue. The cluster manager will automatically detect and verify the error of the node or group being unresponsive and initiate the hard failover.  Automatic failover does not identify or fix the problem that has occurred, but it keeps your system up and running by switching it over to a backup server. Once an administrator applies the appropriate fixes, your site will automatically switch back to its original server.

Graphic showing all websites up-and-running.

Our 100% uptime guarantee

Website downtime means lost leads and missed sales – especially if your business is mostly online. When you host your WordPress site on Pressable, you get peace-of-mind from knowing your website runs on the world’s fastest and most reliable managed hosting network. 

Our rock-solid stability with geo-redundant automatic failover works around the clock to ensure your sites stay fast and available. We’re so confident in this promise that we drafted our own service-level agreement that pays you if our network ever falls short of 100% uptime.

If there’s ever an issue - we’re here to help

We understand that downtime is a major concern for businesses of all sizes. All Pressable plans come with 24/7 WordPress hosting support by friendly, certified WordPress engineers who deliver fast, real-world solutions for even the most complicated of issues.

A support expert happy to help.