A cloud hosting platform built exclusively for WordPress

When you host with Pressable, your sites live on an enterprise-grade, cloud-based platform built from the ground up with the needs of WordPress websites – as well as WordPress designers and developers – in mind.

Platform graphics for the WP Cloud hosting platform.

Why choose our powerful cloud hosting platform?

Created by Automattic – the same company behind WordPress.com, WooCommerce, and WordPress VIP – our enterprise-grade data network incorporates state-of-the-art technologies to deliver unbeatable uptime, site speeds, scalability, and security. We back that up with a 100% network uptime guarantee and tierless, 24/7 WordPress hosting support.

Website graphic indicating higher performance speed.

Our cutting edge architecture delivers optimal performance

We’ve eliminated single points of failure from our WordPress cloud hosting platform, so if one server is ever to go down, others pick up the slack and continue delivering an amazing web experience for your visitors. Plus, we’ve added an extensive content delivery network (CDN) and server-side caching for minimal latency, as well as active and passive security measures for your protection.

A cloud hosting platform that checks all the boxes...

Enterprise-level scalability you can grow on

Enjoy managed WordPress hosting that automatically scales based on your ever-changing needs. With unlimited bandwidth and intelligent load distribution, our cloud infrastructure is designed to handle sudden traffic spikes and surges with ease. So, you never need to worry about a growing online audience leading to diminished site performance.

Graphic showing how easy it is to managed multiple sites.
A website graphic protected by security measures.

Automatic updates for security and optimal performance

Running the most recent version of WordPress is vital for the security and performance of your websites. Pressable automatically updates WordPress core within 24 hours of a new release, so you never need to worry about logging in and manually updating your websites. And, to keep your website secure and running properly, we update PHP every time a version goes end-of-life.