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We're not the only ones who think highly of our platform's unparalleled speed, security, and support. Hear what our customers have to say about why they love Pressable.

Ben Giordano


"We now have a partner that is on our side, helping us move our business forward."

Ben Giordano - FreshySites

Ben Giordano


"We needed a hosting and infrastructure provider that was as knowledgeable about WordPress as we are. When we discovered that Pressable was affiliated with Automattic, the same people behind WordPress.com and WordPress VIP, we knew we’d found the right home for our client portfolio."

Davig Grubb - Shepard's Loft

David Grubb

Shepard's Loft

"When I go to Pressable support, I know I’m not going to get a chat bot. There’s a real person behind that screen that’s going to help me through my issues."

Leigh Landeche - Wink Media

Leigh Landeche

Wink Media

"We live and breathe WordPress. So when we found out there was a host that worked with the same people who run WordPress.com and WordPress VIP, we knew that was the place for us."

David Morgan & Jeff Malone

Organic Themes

"We feel confident that our customers are taken care of and are in great hands. Pressable is like family."

Toby Cryns - The Mighty Mo

Toby Cryns

The Mighty Mo

"Pressable’s migration process and support team have been a game changer for our project workflow. Their support staff have been an amazing addition to our team!"

Beth Robertson - Robertson Consulting Group

Beth Robertson

Robertson Consulting Group

"At other hosting companies, I’ve had to wait sometimes an hour before I get a response. At Pressable, I know that when I put in a ticket, someone’s going to be there."

Lani Rosales - The American Genius

Lani Rosales

The American Genius

"At a time when any other hosting company would have said "fix it yourself", Pressable's team just dove in and fixed all of our sites. We broke something, and they fixed it. No questions asked. Like badasses."

Sion Lee

Not Always Right

"We are a WordPress based publisher and we needed experts in this field. That is exactly what we get with Pressable."

Hosting Solutions For How You Use WordPress

Why Agencies Choose Pressable

Marketing and web development agencies require a managed WordPress hosting provider that understands their unique needs - from reliability and security to client satisfaction and MRR growth. Choose a hosting partner that delivers the plans, performance, and services that set you (and your clients) up for long-term success. That’s Pressable…

Two agency employees working on the sites they managed on Pressable's hosting platform

Why Freelancers Choose Pressable

As a freelancer, you’re responsible for every stage of your business - from finding and managing clients to building and launching websites… and everything else in between. Choose a hosting partner that takes routine tasks off your hands, offers world-class support, and makes site management faster and easier. That’s Pressable...

A freelancer working on a website they just build for a customer

Why eCommerce Businesses Choose Pressable

WooCommerce stores require a hosting partner that delivers unparallelled uptime, performance, and security. With Pressable, you know your eCommerce store is being hosted and managed by the same minds behind WordPress.com and WooCommerce. That means you can focus on growing your business, not worrying about your website.

A woman selling items on WooCommerce store

Why Bloggers Choose Pressable

As a blogger, you’re probably more interested in creating content than updating WordPress core, backing up your website, performing server maintenance, and scanning for malware. Fortunately, Pressable is here to take care of the less-fun aspects of running a blog so you can keep engaging with your audience.

A young blogger sitting by a lake writing content for his website

Why IT Managers Choose Pressable

As an IT manager - an independent contractor, part of an in-house team, or the operator of a managed IT company (MSP) - your time is valuable. Choose a web hosting provider that lives up to its promises by delivering the features, performance, and support you need to keep your WordPress sites running and secure. That’s Pressable...

Two IT managers working in a room of servers

Why Web Developers Choose Pressable

WordPress developers need a managed hosting provider that delivers powerful features and specs, an easy-to-use dashboard, tight security, and unparalleled support. Whether you work for an agency, as part of an in-house team, or for yourself, you can trust Pressable to make building and launching WordPress sites easy and affordable.

A web developer working at his desk writing code for a WordPress website

Why Small & Medium-sized Businesses Choose Pressable

Small and medium-sized businesses need a strong online presence to get ahead of the competition. Launch your WordPress website on Pressable - a managed hosting platform designed for unrivaled performance and reliability. Plus, you get an easy-to-use dashboard and 24/7 support from certified, friendly WordPress experts.

Two small business coffee shop owners looking at how quick their website loads on a tablet

Why Digital Marketing Professionals Choose Pressable

Digital marketing professionals know that WordPress websites need to be fast and reliable to get the best results. Whether you work as part of an in-house team or at an agency, trust Pressable to deliver 100% uptime, tools to optimize site speed, and an easy-to-use dashboard that makes site management simple.

A laptop screen displaying graphs and charts

Why High-traffic Website Managers Choose Pressable

If you manage a high-traffic WordPress website or online WooCommerce store, you understand that guaranteed uptime, lightning-fast website speed, on-demand support, and airtight security are essential to your success. Pressable delivers all this and more, with easily scalable plans that can be scaled to meet your specific needs.

Two examples of WordPress websites loading very quickly on desktop and mobile devices