Free SSL certificates

An SSL certificate’s primary purpose is to keep sensitive data that is sent across the internet privately encrypted so that only the people intended to access it can view it. Basically, it’s the same reason we put confidential letters into envelopes – we don’t want prying eyes to see the information held inside them.

Without our free SSL certificate, you could be leaving your website exposed to criminals or spending a lot of money on buying an SSL certificate unnecessarily. Take advantage of Pressable’s managed WordPress hosting and get the peace of mind and convenience of a free SSL certificate now!

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We partnered with Let’s Encrypt to provide free SSL certificates

We’ll offer visitors to your website confidence that their personal data is safe with our complimentary secure socket layer (SSL) certificates powered by Let’s Encrypt. An SSL certificate is important for three big reasons.

  • It helps to keep your customer’s data safe
  • It improves SEO
  • If you don’t have a valid SSL certificate, most browsers will warn visitors that your site is not considered secure, which can lead to them leaving your site without even looking around

The great thing about Pressable is that a free SSL certificate is included with every single WordPress website that we host.

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Why does Pressable use Let’s Encrypt? 

Here at Pressable, we love Let’s Encrypt because it is a free automated and open certificate (CA) authority that is intended to benefit the general public. What that means is there’s no cost to our users, and the service is provided by a reputable organization called Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). 

As part of Pressable’s longstanding vision and mission to make the internet a more secure place, we decided to give our users free SSL certificates no matter what plan they choose. That way, you can enable HTTPS (SSL/TLS) easily, without any additional effort or expense.

Get reliable, secure hosting with Pressable

We have data centers worldwide – including Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Texas. All of our data centers, no matter where they might be based, also have secondary servers and are backed by a true, global CDN.

In addition to a free SSL certificate, we also offer:

  • Free WordPress hack recovery
  • Free automatic failover
  • Free Jetpack Security Daily
  • 24/7 online support
  • Managed WordPress core updates
  • Daily backups
  • And more!
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