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WordPress staging made simple.

Test new WordPress and WooCommerce user experiences and website features before making changes to your live website with WordPress staging environments on Pressable. Pressable’s unique approach to staging environments makes prototyping, testing, and refining production sites simple and effective. Each WordPress or WooCommerce install on Pressable comes with a WordPress staging environment that can be pushed to production with a few clicks.

A graphic depicting staging sites in the hosting platform.

What are staging environments?

Making changes to a live site poses a lot of risks. Whether you’re updating a plugin or changing a few lines of code, even the slightest changes could leave your site completely inoperable.

Also known as a staging site, a WordPress staging environment is basically a copy of a live website and is the final quality control step before deploying changes and going live. The main purpose of using staging environments is to test new changes and ensure everything works properly before launching the modifications to your live website.

Using a WordPress staging site to test everything before deploying your website live online helps to eliminate issues and minimize bugs so they won’t negatively impact site visitors. This is especially useful for those that update or make adjustments to their site often. But, even smaller sites can benefit from a staging environment since testing the functionality of WordPress core updates is also vital to keeping your website healthy.

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Industry Leading Expert Support

Need help setting up a WordPress staging environment? Experiencing trouble with changes made to your website? Our friendly, professional support team of WordPress and WooCommerce experts stands ready to assist with hosting support or to answer questions at any time of day or night, with 24/7 WordPress hosting support.

Other hosts will send your support query to a chatbot or make you spend hours waiting for a response. That’s not the Pressable way. 

From your first interaction with our support team, you’ll know we mean business. Our experts will aid you in getting a staging environment setup, as well as help mitigate issues from any plugin or core updates. Then, we’ll give you suggestions on how you can improve your site’s functionality. 

It’s all part of our mission to make the internet a better place – one WordPress website at a time.