Reliability, guaranteed

Successful websites start with stable hosting. Pressable’s cloud-based architecture ensures your website is available when it matters most, and we back that promise with a 100% uptime SLA.

A graphic showing websites still running even when servers are down.

Dependable WordPress hosting you can count on

Pressable pushes the status quo by being the only WordPress hosting provider to guarantee 100% network uptime in our SLA. That means our fully redundant, global network will be available 100% of the time (excluding scheduled maintenance). 

That’s not to say our network doesn’t ever experience issues. But, it is designed to automatically failover to another data center so that your website continues working like normal even if servers or other parts of the infrastructure fail.

Why does network uptime matter?

If a website visitor can’t find you online or access your website due to unplanned downtime, it negatively impacts your branding and your bottom line. As a result, your business can suffer.

Loss of traffic

Even a few seconds of downtime can cost you valuable web traffic, translating into fewer leads as possibly a loss of new revenue. Our dedication to uptime means you can rest easy knowing your site is performing its best at all times.

Drop in SEO rankings

When a site experiences frequent downtime, the search engines notice as well. Our highly available, geo-redundant infrastructure gives you peace of mind that your SEO efforts won’t be undermined by service interruptions.

Damage to your brand

You put a lot of time and effort into building a brand people can trust. If a customer or prospect can’t get to your website, that can have a negative impact on your overall reputation. Automatic failover ensures people can find you when it matters most.

What factors impact uptime?
And how does Pressable solve them?

Several reasons can cause downtime on your website and it’s important to understand them. They include:

Website issues

Too many plugins and coding issues can cause your website to run slowly. Fortunately, our team of experts is here to provide guidance and advice aimed at getting the best performance out of your WordPress website.

Traffic spikes

With other hosts, a sudden surge in website traffic can cause your site to be sluggish. Pressable’s automatic scaling and architecture ensure your site runs its best even with a heavy load of visitors.

Security issues

From injecting malicious code to stealing security credentials, there are many ways hackers bring down websites. Our WordPress hosting solutions come with advanced security features - including Jetpack -  to prevent DDoS attacks and more.