6 Places to Entertain Your Inner Child after WordCamp Orlando

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Orlando, Florida

WordCamps happen all over the world. Each city has its own special attractions, its own magic, but no other city could be considered as magical as Orlando, Florida. After all, it is home to the most magical place on Earth. After WordCamp Orlando, you’ll be exhausted, tired…but your inner child will be more than ready to take in the sights. Here are six places to treat your inner child after WordCamp Orlando. 

Walt Disney World 

Why not start the list with a given. Everyone has to go to Disney World at least once in their life. And if you’ve never been, WordCamp weekend is the perfect chance to catch the Magic Kingdom in action. Stop by Epcot, the World of Tomorrow, Country Bear Jamboree, or Space Mountain. If you want to let your inner adult have a little fun, too, there are plenty of bars around after dark for you to take advantage of. 

Universal Studios

Universal Studios Orlando is home to a host of parks, attractions, restaurants, and shows. One of the most notable being The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a must-see for any Harry Potter fan. In addition to that, the park is constantly opening and updating rides, so even if you’ve been in the past, you’re sure to find something exciting and new this time around. 


What can we say about Gatorand that you don’t get out of the name. It’s a theme park that completely revolves around alligators, crocodiles, birds, wild cats, and a myriad of other animals. How could you make a trip to Orlando and not stop here? Zipline over ponds filled with gators, feed wild beasts, and even come by for a night visit to see what these creatures do after dark. If you’re looking to spend a little bit less than Disney World but still want to get a great Florida experience, Gatorland is a can’t miss. 

Kennedy Space Center

Few places in Florida are as important to the history of the world as Kennedy Space Center. This is where the first rockets took off into space, and where countless technological advances were created. Plan to take the bus around the complex while you make stops at the Heroes and Legends museum where you’ll learn about famous astronauts, the Rocket Garden where you’ll see the famous rockets that blasted astronauts into space for over five decades, and even the airstrip that astronauts used to drag race their Corvette Stingrays on! 

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Medieval Times 

After a full weekend of talking tech, why not unwind and travel back in time to Medieval Times. Enjoy a four-course meal, epic sword fights, jousting tournaments, and more! With only a few locations nationwide, you won’t want to miss this once in a lifetime experience. And don’t go at it alone! Bring along a whole group of friends or coworkers to experience the fun, as there are special group discounts available. A company of any size would have a great evening here. 

Andretti Indoor Karting and Games

If one horse isn’t enough power for you, maybe you’d be interested in the only Go Kart Racing facility endorsed by Mario Andretti himself. At Andretti Indoor Karting and Games, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the fastest karts around, 12 bowling lanes waiting for a strike, and tons of arcade video games ready to entertain. Still on the fence? Two words: laser tag. 

Orlando is one of the funnest places around, and even though you might not be a kid anymore, we’re all still kids at heart. Deciding between one of these attractions and the thousands of others that dot Orlando is a tough choice, but one thing’s for sure: WordCamp Orlando will be one for the ages! Be sure to keep up with us on Twitter while we follow all the talks and speakers, and give us a shout out while you’re there! 

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