5 Agency Websites Inspiring Us

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What separates great agency websites from boring or mediocre ones? It’s all about design, tone, and copy. Let’s look at some tips and examples from some of our favorite agency sites to see what we can learn. 

Your website is the first impression potential clients get of your business. You want it to speak to them about what working with you would be like. Hopefully, you can use the inspiration in this post to make sure your site makes people want to hire you instead of searching for someone else.

5 of the Best Agency Websites

If you’re a visual person, we’ve got you covered. If words are your thing, there are some great examples here too. Honestly, these websites are the whole package. Check out these examples of top agency websites to see what ideas you can build on for your website. 

1. Freshy

Site: https://freshysites.com/

The colors on the Freshy website are vibrant and immediately catch your eye. The green screams “fresh,” as does the lemon logo. Also, check out the way they incorporated those green and yellow touches. The yellow looks like lemon wedges without the details to draw away from where they want your attention. The design is crisp and modern. What’s not to love? 

But beyond a stellar design, the content shines. Everything above the fold gives potential clients a reason to hire Freshy. You have excellent portfolio examples in the hero image. Honestly, it’s brilliant to show some big-name clients right there because the viewer can see some of the client’s work without realizing it. Below that, the stat boxes highlight the quality and experience. Finally, a rather impressive sample of client logos provides the final piece of social proof that you can trust this agency to build an awesome website. 

2. Big Red Jelly

Big Red Jelly home website displaying their  accolades establishing the agency’s record of quality and pages of their process, getting a quote and etc.

Site: https://bigredjelly.com/

Before we talk about the site, we have to discuss how awesome the name is. It’s fun and memorable. It probably makes an excellent talking point during client meetings. And those calls to action are immediate. The branding is spot on here with the large wavy red hero section. Above the fold, you also see the prominent display of accolades that help establish the agency’s record of quality. 

But where this site really shines is when you scroll down. The next sections walk potential clients through what it’s like to work with Big Red Jelly. Each section is paired with examples of their work. It all comes together to beautifully illustrate how clients would work with the agency and what quality and type of work they could expect. 

We also love this section for the way it uses animations. Doing animations right is tricky. You don’t want your homepage to look like it was designed by a middle school student who just discovered PowerPoint transitions. Big Red Jelly strikes the right balance with animations that bring interest to the elements and encourage visitors to keep scrolling. And once again they subtly displayed client work, showing what they can do in each section of their offerings.

Big Red Jelly home website showing   offerings section for their clients

3. Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith home website showing bold and direct headline with link to their portfolio and client testimonials

Site: https://hirejordansmith.com/

This site oozes confidence. It’s bold and direct. From the domain name to the headline, the site is a giant call to action to stop looking for an agency and just hire Jordan Smith. 

Confidence is vital to selling your web design services to potential clients. It’s even more critical for small businesses or freelancers running a solo agency. The links to the portfolio and client testimonials give potential clients more confidence that this small agency can deliver just as much value as a larger business. The detail of helping more than 400 people supports the idea.

Jordan’s site might not be the most visually appealing one on our list, but every word of the copy is clearly intentional.

4. Deviate Labs

Deviate Labs home website showing bright colors on a dark background and what they do

Site: https://deviatelabs.com/

Sometimes the best thing you can do when building an agency website is to stand out. Deviate Labs stays true to its name with a homepage design that makes it one of the best agency websites. Bright colors on a dark background make the site pop. Where it really excels is how it tells a story about what they do. 

After the first scroll, visitors see a question: “What do the following companies have in common?”

Deviate Labs after a first scroll on their home website asking visitors, What do the following companies have in common?

Then on the next few scrolls, you see examples of the well-known brands the company has worked with.

Deviate Labs after a few scroll on their home website showing well-known brands they have worked with

Check it out and see if any of the companies mentioned catch your eye. We imagine one, if not all, of the companies they list will impress potential clients. The entire user experience is fun and informative without being too copy-heavy. It’s a great interactive alternative to a traditional agency homepage. 

5. Flank

Flank home website with headline and video of agency's introduction and ends with a question: how can they help?

Site: https://talktoflank.com/

We love the crisp design on this homepage. We also have to give props for the strategic use of color. Most of the colors are muted, so when they use the pops of bright yellow, your eye immediately goes to it. 

By far, the coolest feature of this site is the video. It feels like a personalized introduction to the agency and ends with a question: how can they help? The visitors can click one of three answers as shown above. These built-in calls to action are more likely to get clicks than a regular video.

For agencies, your website is your best salesperson. This site makes it seem more like you’re talking to a person instead of reading a website. That’s smart marketing. 

Key Takeaways from the Best Agency Websites

So what can we learn from these agency website examples? Each one takes a different approach, but they all follow some of the same principles. 

Don’t Be Boring

Agencies are known for being creative, and your website should reflect that. You’ve missed the mark if your website doesn’t wow people and make them want to consider all the little wording, design, and display choices you made. 

You can get away with bolder colors and designs on an agency website. Interactivity and creativity are musts. After all, you’re trying to attract attention. You don’t want anyone mistaking your agency website for a CPA firm. 

The creativity doesn’t stop with design. Text matters. Words and phrases like honest, reliable, and down-to-earth suggest the agency has what they’re looking for.  

Establish Your Credibility

Use awards, certifications, portfolio examples, and testimonials to establish your agency’s credibility. There’s a ton of competition for web design and development work. Some agencies don’t do quality work. You must reassure your potential clients that you have the skills to do amazing work for them. Those social proof lists of client logos on some of these sites immediately establish credibility. Think of this as a “who’s who” of your most impressive clients. It helps people trust your agency to do stellar work. 

Need advice on showing off your social proof? Check out our post on writing case studies, “How to Tell the Perfect Customer Story.” 

Be Direct and Conversational

Skip the jargon and buzzwords. Go for direct and conversational copy that matches your brand. People want to work with and buy from humans. Make sure your website copy doesn’t sound like a robot wrote it. Go further to ensure it doesn’t read like it could go on any agency’s site and still fit.

What makes your agency different? Are you creative, fresh, and new in your approaches? Do you excel at implementing design that captures attention? Are you the most trustworthy owner out there who will always do what’s right for the client? Of course, people want to hire the full package, but focusing on one aspect of your agency that really sets it apart, is part of your core values, or is something customers rave about will help you stand out.

Engage Viewers

One thing that stands out with these sites is that they aren’t just words, text, and images. They pulled out all the stops, including video and interactivity. Video is more like face-to-face communication and is more likely to establish trust. It also makes the reader feel more engaged with the site when they’re making selections and going on a sort of choose-your-own adventure to an agency.

Perhaps most importantly, displaying information in multiple formats and doing it well subtly shows clients what each agency could potentially do for their business. They’re selling various skills without the viewer even realizing it.

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