Clearing Your DIVI CSS Cache

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Clearing the Divi CSS cache.

The Divi WordPress theme adds a lot of features and functions to WordPress. This allows users to create more complex layouts while maintaining fast performance times. As part of the performance part the Divi developers have created a cache for the CSS files created by Divi.

Why Cache CSS files?

Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) allow websites to separate the structre of a site from it’s appearance. HTML creates the structure while CSS handles the appearance. Since the design of a site does not change very often a CSS file can be cached for 30 days or longer. This means that the server does not need to process a new CSS file everytime someone visits a page on your site. If you add a CDN to the mix the CSS files are cached in multiple servers around the globe to improve performance even more.
On June 28, 2017 Divi released a blog post explaining why they added static CSS file generation to the theme:

Divi has been updated to support static CSS file generation for both the Divi Builder, The Divi Theme Customizer and the Divi Theme Options. This means that custom design styles will no longer generate in-line CSS upon request and will instead serve static files that can be cached by the browser, ultimately consuming less server resources and speeding up load times for your visitors.

Why do I need to clear my cached CSS files?

When you make a change to the design of your Divi site the existing cached CSS files need to be replaced. At Pressable we have an option to clear your site’s cache. However this does not also clear the Divi cache. If you make an update to the site and that update is not showing up correctly you need to login to wp-admin and clear your Divi cache.

How to clear Divi Cache:

    1. Log into and scroll down till you see the Divi side menu option and click on it:
      divi theme options button screenshot
    2. You are now in the Divi Theme Options dashboard. Click on the builder tab:
      divi theme options builder button screenshot
    3. Click on the Advanced tab:
      divi theme options builder advanced button screenshot
    4. Click on the Clear button next to Static CSS File Generation:
      divi clear css cache button screenshot

If you have any questions please contact support so we can assist.

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