Daily WordPress Backups for Peace of Mind

We get it – something unexpected happens and you need to roll back or completely restore your website. With Pressable, there’s no need to worry because your website is backed up daily and can be restored quickly. With our new, intuitive dashboard, you can easily access WordPress backups, download them locally, and restore them in just a few simple steps.

Pressable makes a back-up of your website files every 24 hours and we back-up your databases hourly! Plus, we keep those back-ups for 30 days. Need to restore from a previous version? You can do it yourself using SFTP or phpMyAdmin, or our 24/7 support team can do it for you.

Daily WordPress Backups | Pressable

Backups the Way You Want Them

At Pressable we aim to be the best, managed WordPress hosting provider in the world. So, we made sure that our users can access their WordPress backups easily via our easy-to-use dashboard and download them to your local hard drive or server. These backups are independent of the backups available through the Jetpack Security Daily plan that comes free of charge with every Pressable plan. 

When you’ve downloaded your own WordPress backups, you can also restore them yourself if you want to. There’s a guide on restoring a back-up for your WordPress website using SFTP too. For databases, you can restore using phpMyAdmin.

If you need assistance, the Pressable team of WordPress and WooCommerce experts are ready and waiting to help restore your site and get you back online as quickly as possible.

Free Jetpack Security Daily | Pressable

You Get Jetpack Security Daily for Free

Every Pressable hosting plan comes with Jetpack Security Daily for free (a $239/year value).

Jetpack Security Daily is a WordPress plugin that provides you with even more robust WordPress website security tools like automated WordPress backups, real-time malware scanning, one-click restorations, site changelogs, and much more.

Manual WordPress site backups can be a time-consuming inconvenience. Jetpack Security Daily takes care of scheduled backups, so you can focus on your business. And, if you have Jetpack Premium activated on your site you don’t even need to chat to us; you can update your site and restore your back-up for your WordPress website through your wp-admin dashboard.

Superior Web Hosting with Security and Support

There are a lot of very good companies providing WordPress web hosting. But few are as dedicated to delivering exceptional security and support as Pressable.

Pressable was created by the same minds behind WordPress.com and WooCommerce. That means when it comes to knowing how WordPress works and what it takes to keep your site up and running the way it’s supposed to be, you’re in the best possible hands. Plus, we’re here for you 24/7 to help with everything from simple questions to complex troubleshooting.

A laptop displaying Pressable's hosting platform with a stack of servers behind it

Using Pressable Has Benefits

G2 Users Love Us

Safer Websites

You take the security of your website seriously - and so do we! WordPress sites on Pressable enjoy free SSL certificates, a WAF, malware scans, and more. Plus, you get Jetpack Security Daily for free (a $239/year/site value) as an additional layer of protection.

Mike W

"Pressable makes running a WordPress site so much easier"

I made the switch from cheaper shared hosting to managed WordPress hosting after getting hacked for the 3rd time. Pressable has excellent support. It makes running a WordPress site so much easier.

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The Right Features For Your Success

Features That Enhance Performance

100% Uptime – Guaranteed

We guarantee in writing that our data center network will be available 100% of the time (excluding scheduled maintenance). Pressable will credit your account 5% of the monthly fee for every 30 minutes of downtime - up to 100% of your monthly subscription cost. Learn More

Automatic Failover

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that if your selected server ever encounters issues, our monitoring systems will automatically switch to an alternate server. And because we offer this premium feature for free, there’s no need to subscribe to a DNS failover service. Learn More

Content Delivery Network

Your websites will load faster and enjoy better SEO rankings thanks to our global content delivery network (CDN). Because your content loads from the location closest to your audience, they’ll enjoy lightning-fast load times... even for high-traffic websites. Learn More

NVMe Server Infrastructure

Pressable’s network is built upon non-volatile memory express (NVMe) servers for dramatically improved response times, enhanced queuing, and improved security. Not only does this mean websites run faster and safer, but you’ll rank better on search engines. Learn More

Optimized Hosting for WordPress & WooCommerce

Our data network was designed and built by the same minds behind WordPress.com and WooCommerce, exclusively for WordPress websites. Because we’re focused on only one CMS - namely WordPress - we can guarantee peak performance, security, and reliability. Learn More

Features That Enhance Support

24/7 Online Support

Need help? Have questions? We’re here for you! Get quick, easy access to our team of friendly, knowledgeable WordPress experts who are available 24/7. Our goal is to ensure your websites are always running how they’re supposed to be and set you on the path to success. Learn More

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so sure you’ll love Pressable that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all managed hosting plans. Plus, you can upgrade or modify your plan at any time through the control panel or by contacting our friendly support team. Learn More

Free Managed Migrations

With Pressable, there’s no need to worry about migrating over your website because we take care of migrations for you. Just contact support and let them know you’d like us to migrate your site for you - we’ll take care of everything at no extra charge! Learn More

Free WP101 WordPress Training

As a Pressable subscriber, you get access to WP101 - the world’s leading WordPress training source. Regardless of whether you're a professional developer or just getting started, you'll find amazing, easy-to-follow training courses designed to improve your skills. Learn More

Performance Monitoring & Optimization

Pressable’s team of certified experts proactively monitors your websites for performance and memory usage. If we identify an issue, you’ll receive a message from us with helpful suggestions for remedying the issue and improving your site. Learn More

Features That Enhance Development

Customizable, Scalable WordPress Hosting

Need to add more monthly visitors to your plan? Maybe your agency is growing or you’re a business with a high-traffic website? No problem! Pressable works with you one-on-one to develop a customized hosting plan tailored to your unique specifications. Learn More

Daily Backups

Enjoy peace of mind and keep your websites protected with nightly WordPress backups powered by Jetpack Security Daily (a $24.95/mo value). Schedule backups, monitor website changes, and completely restore your site with Jetpack’s easy-to-use interface. Learn More

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Manage your website - or multiple websites - with ease via our intuitive dashboard. With just a few clicks you can modify settings, create new websites, clone existing sites, grant collaborator access to specific websites, and much more. Learn More

Free Jetpack Security Daily

Every Pressable hosting plan comes with Jetpack Security Daily (a $239/year value). This premium WordPress plugin comes with features that enhance your website's overall security and boost performance. It also offers themes, SEO and social media tools, a CRM, and much more! Learn More

Optimized WooCommerce Hosting

Looking to build an online store with WooCommerce and Pressable? You can install WooCommerce on any site with just a click. Or, if you need a package with enhanced specs designed for e-commerce, you can select one of our special Woo plans. Learn More

Staging Environments

Develop and test new features and user experiences with our easy-to-use staging environments. Each WordPress or WooCommerce install on Pressable comes with a staging environment that can be pushed to production with a few clicks. Learn More

Features That Enhance Security

Free SSL Certificates

Give your site visitors confidence that their personal information is protected on your website with our complimentary secure socket layer (SSL) certificates powered by Let’s Encrypt. Not only does a SSL keep your customers safe, it also improves your SEO. Learn More

Managed WordPress Updates

WordPress is constantly evolving and improving. With Pressable, there’s no need to worry about manually updating your websites when a new version is officially published. We take care of all new WordPress updates to keep your sites as safe and optimized as possible. Learn More

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

All websites hosted on Pressable are protected by a web application firewall (WAF). This WAF protects against the most common attacks used by hackers by identifying and blocking malicious activity while allowing good traffic through without a problem. Learn More

Website Malware Scanning & Threat Monitoring

Let Pressable’s team of experts take care of the tedious tasks of scanning your WordPress websites for malware and other cyber threats. This frees-up your in-house team to focus on IT projects that grow and innovate your business. Learn More

WordPress Hack Recovery Assistance

If your site is ever compromised, our team of experts is on the case. At the first sign of intrusion, we investigate thoroughly to get rid of any intrusive software and clean up the mess. Then we provide guidance to help ensure it never happens again. Learn More