Free SSL Certificates

Each and every site on our platform comes with free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates.

Believe it or not, there are still websites out there without SSL certificates installed. Without SSL encryption, you're leaving your customers' valuable information like credit cards, driver licenses, and addresses vulnerable to hackers. Plus, you're taking a huge hit on SEO and search engine visibility. Pressable provides SSL certificates to every site on our platform for free through Let's Encrypt.

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    Our system experts obtain, install, and manage SSL certificates for you.

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    Don't worry about configuration or setup. Our experts take care of it for free.

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    Certificate renewal is a thing of the past. These SSL certificates are good as long as you're on our platform.

Free SSL certificates don't just keep your site secure, but every site on our platform. We provide free certificates because it's good for our sites, good for our platform, and good for our clients. All you have to do is submit a request to our five-star support team and we'll get to work. If you're migrating sites onto our platform for the first time, we'll do a comprehensive check on your sites to ensure they're up to our security and performance standards.

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