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You can barely read the news or scan social media these days without encountering a story on artificial intelligence (AI). 

Earlier this month in Post Status’ Slack, Matt Mullenweg said, “In 2015, I told you to learn Javascript deeply. I don’t have a catchy phrase yet, but my message for 2023 will be to spend as much time leveraging AI as possible. 

The boosts to productivity and capability are amazing. This is not a web3/crypto/widgets hype cycle. It’s real. To this slice of the WP community, the ~1,300 people here, I want you to really internalize this message as deeply as possible.”

Whether you’re a full-time WordPress professional or employed in another field using WordPress for your website, this is a message worth taking to heart. You’ve probably heard about using tools like ChatGPT to generate text or DALL·E to generate images.

So what else is AI capable of? And how can web developers and the like leverage AI with platforms like WordPress to build better and more powerful web experiences?

How Smart is AI?

While there are obvious and understandable hesitations about AI replacing the human workforce or even taking over the world, these fears can hold you back from the inevitable future that will work alongside it. 

AI can process large amounts of information faster than the human mind and it’s getting more advanced by the minute. It can listen and respond to voice commands, see patterns, and automate repeated tasks. It can also drive cars and beat humans at games like chess and Tetris. 

When it comes to web development, it’s not surprising to see that AI stands to provide significant benefits, especially as it continues growing. Again, it’s not going to replace the need for humans but it can extend what each of us can do.

The State of WordPress and AI

AI-based WordPress plugins and tools are popping up everywhere, allowing developers and website owners to automate mundane tasks and enhance the user experience. 

Let’s dive in to find out how WordPress and AI are changing the web development landscape.

AI-Powered WordPress Plugins We Love

WordPress plugins have helped developers create unique user experiences for nearly two decades. In recent years, AI has taken the breadth and capability of these plugins to the next level. Here are some examples of AI-powered tools that streamline development and ensure websites run smoothly.

Development Tools

Beyond the general dev tools like GitHub’s Copilot X or ChatGPT, there are AI tools that can generate code, turn keywords into metadata, and enhance SEO by adding structured data or schema markup so Google can understand it. Some include: 

Just remember if you use a code generator to build a plugin that you want to distribute in the WordPress plugin repository, it needs to remain GPL compatible.

Content Generation

Content is king. Therefore, it’s no wonder that one of the most popular uses for AI is copy generation and augmentation. AI can automate the creation of everything from marketing copy and blog posts to images and illustrations, or it can serve as a starting point with as thorough an outline as desired. 

Some content-generation tools to consider are:

CopyCraft is especially interesting because it uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze your WooCommerce products and generates engaging descriptions for you.


Users appreciate support and customer service that operates around the clock. These AI chatbots can intelligently engage customers and solve a user’s pressing issues. 

By leveraging chatbots, you can save money on hiring customer service agents and still leave a good impression on your visitors.

SEO Optimization

These WordPress and AI tools help you organize the moving pieces of search engine optimization: 

With them, you can generate focus keywords, add structured data to articles, stop comment spammers, and even use ChatGPT to create titles and meta descriptions.


Accessible websites expand your reach and help visitors connect with your brand. Having an accessible site means you serve all potential visitors and these apps make it easier than ever to make your site better for everyone:

Apps like these use AI technology to create accurate alternative text for WordPress images so visitors who use screen readers can access your content, and so much more.

Image and Video Optimization

AI means you no longer need to be a graphic designer to create attention-grabbing images and social media preview cards. Instead, you use image and video tools like:

Imagine what you’ll do with all the time you save without needing to visit multiple sites to find that right image for your content! 

Task Automation

Automation is one of the most powerful use cases for AI because it has the potential to save developers and designers hours of time. After all, why spend time on repetitive tasks when you can set and forget them? 

With tools like Uncanny Automator, you can automate your website development by integrating with AI-based tools. It connects your plugins and apps for seamless workflows and tasks.

Benefits of AI for WordPress

Using WordPress and AI together has many benefits. From site building to search engine optimization, there’s almost no development-related task that AI can’t automate or improve. 

Specific benefits of AI for WordPress include: 

  • Integrated Workflows. AI plugins share data and work together to make website development seamless. 
  • Increased Efficiency. You no longer need to spend significant time writing content, finding photos, or worrying about mundane SEO tasks.
  • Enhanced User Experience. Whether it’s a responsive form or an intelligent chatbot, WordPress and AI pair well to create user-friendly websites and improve visitor experiences.
  • Improved Content Management. WordPress and AI can create ideas and develop content in direct response to visitor feedback.
  • Automated Data Analysis. Gaining insights on SEO and visitor activity is easier with the introduction of AI tools.
  • Expanded Education. WordPress is constantly changing. AI integration ensures developers will always be learning new things to enhance their skills.
  • Optimized SEO. Never worry about keywords or meta descriptions again, as AI can automatically generate them.

These AI features and benefits have changed web development forever, allowing developers to do their jobs more efficiently and quickly than ever before.

Challenges of WordPress and AI

AI has the potential to change the way you use and interact with WordPress drastically. Still, even the most excellent tools have limitations and challenges. 

Technical Limitations of AI

Though AI can process information quickly, it still relies on human input. Furthermore, it can only process the information given to it. That means you have to know exactly what to input to get the output you desire.

Even with detailed input, since AI doesn’t encompass all human knowledge, AI-generated content can include misinformation and sometimes doesn’t make logical sense. AI also can’t access gated content, so it can only use information publicly available when providing results or drafting content.

AI also can’t feel or process emotion or even often explain its logical reasoning. This inability limits its ability to make sound decisions in critical circumstances, especially involving human emotion.

Increased Security Risks

Just as developers can use AI for good, people with ill intentions can also manipulate inputs and use it to create and deploy malware. In addition, AI is used to process data, some of which may be personal and sensitive. 

Unfortunately, AI can’t consider the risks and consequences of its behavior and decisions. These limitations create possible loopholes for hackers and can lead to data breaches. 

Future Potential of WordPress and AI

WordPress and AI have accomplished far more than anyone initially thought possible. That said, AI still hasn’t reached its full potential. It will continue to make an even more significant impact as technology develops and its actual capabilities unfold in the years ahead. 

Here are the areas where you can likely expect to see significant AI development.

Predictive Capabilities

Machine learning is a branch of AI that seeks to imitate how humans learn and improve outputs based on new information. As machine learning improves, so will AI’s predictive capabilities. 

In the future, WordPress may be able to automatically generate full websites based on what it has learned about developer preferences. It may also be able to automatically create complete sites by mimicking others in a particular industry or category.

Automation Opportunities

AI is nearly synonymous with automation. For example, chatbots are already available to help users navigate websites and answer customer questions. It may eventually replace customer service agents altogether as technology becomes increasingly intelligent. More advanced automation will also mean that AI can help you write code or even create entire websites without writing any code.

Security Enhancements

AI can enhance WordPress security by constantly monitoring and responding rapidly to DDoS attacks. With its ability to analyze behavior patterns and notice changes, it’s easier for AI to track, identify, and block bad actors. 

Machine learning can also determine the difference between humans and bots. This ability further protects websites from exploitation.

Personalization Potential

As AI continues to develop, the technology may gain the ability to write and create or improve existing content based on user keywords or keystrokes. AI can already show users products and content that match their dynamic interests, and this capability will only grow over time.

Pressable Provides Unmatched WordPress Hosting

WordPress and AI have been game-changers in web development. As developers continue to partner with AI to bring automation and better functionality to WordPress websites, it will only enhance more robust and user-friendly websites.

Pressable’s powerful platform outperforms the competition when you pair our Managed WordPress hosting with the excitement and ease of WordPress and AI. 

Choose Pressable as your host and wow your visitors with optimal performance and a fantastic web experience.

Jessica Frick

Jessica serves as the Director of Operations for Pressable and is dedicated to creating the best managed WordPress hosting experience possible. She’s been using WordPress since 2008, has been in WordPress-focused roles since 2010, and currently serves as one of the Make WordPress Hosting team reps. When she’s not working, you can find her spending time with her family, serving in her community, watching hilarious dog videos online, or brewing a pitcher of iced tea.

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