How to Integrate Facebook and Instagram With Your WooCommerce Website

Are you a small business wanting to start using social media to highlight your products or services?

If you’re using managed WordPress hosting for your website, then you have a ton of effective plug-ins to help you out. WooCommerce is a popular choice among e-commerce professionals.

Businesses can integrate their Facebook and Instagram pages to WooCommerce to help with promotion, advertising, and enhancing user experience.

Keep reading below to learn why you should connect your social media to your WooCommerce website. We’ll discuss the steps to integration, provide some important tips on using WooCommerce, and answer any lingering questions you have about why these tools should be working together.

Why Integrate Your WooCommerce Site to Social Media?

Social media is now such a big part of our daily lives, your online business can’t afford not to have a presence.

Facebook now has over 2.4 billion users and Instagram has over one billion. And worldwide, people spend over six hours on the internet each day.

Small businesses are typically doing SEO and PPC to get more web traffic but often it can be a challenge. Social media apps are a great way to increase your organic traffic.

Online stores can showcase their products or services on Facebook, Instagram, or other apps like Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. They can also invest a few dollars in social media ads that will reach more people.

It’s more likely that social media users will interact with your brand on social media and follow one of your strategically placed links to their online store. These apps help you to expand brand awareness, get leads, and increase sales.

New plug-ins and improvements to content management systems like WordPress have made it easier than ever to integrate social media accounts with an online store.

Below we’re going to discuss how to integrate your WooCommerce to Facebook and Instagram.

Connecting Your WooCommerce Website To Facebook

If you’re ready to connect your WooCommerce site to Facebook, your first step should be to check out the plug-in Facebook for WooCommerce.

When using this plug-in you can take advantage of effective features like installing a Facebook pixel, uploading an online store catalog, creating a Facebook shopping page, or setting up dynamic ads.

Start by downloading the plug-in or updating it if you already have it.

Once you activate the plug-in you’ll be directed to log into your shop’s Facebook account. It’s as easy as that!

After integrating WooCommerce to your Facebook page, pixel, and products, the customers will be able to see everything you offer. If they find your shop on Facebook, they can check out all of your products and be taken directly to a landing page to make a purchase.

They can also share your products with friends across Facebook, meaning you may get a few extra sales in the future.

You’re probably wondering why you should use WooCommerce instead of other services like Shopify? WooCommerce is affordable, beautifully-designed, customizable, and allows you to take advantage of WordPress functions.

Instagram & WooCommerce Integration for Advertising

Every e-commerce business needs an Instagram page to exhibit products. Shopping is a huge part of the Instagram platform.

According to a recent study, 65% of Instagram users visited a brand’s website for more information after seeing a product post. And, even more astounding, 45% made a purchase.

Now if you didn’t know, Instagram is owned by Facebook so you’ll also need a Facebook page to get started on integrating your Instagram account with WooCommerce. The process is also a little easier since both companies are under the same umbrella.

To get started, you’ll have to search for the WooCommerce Instagram plug-in, install it onto your WordPress site, and integrate it the same way you did with Facebook.

Once your catalog is uploaded to Instagram, you can create shoppable posts and stories by tagging your products in them. And, just like the Facebook integration, you can easily redirect Instagram users to your online store.

On Instagram, you can also create as many catalogs as you like. They can be adapted to multiple audiences. A handy feature is being able to customize manufacturer part number (MPN) or price taxes.

WooCommerce Instagram also makes it easier for you to harness the power of hashtags. You can create a hashtag to showcase products and get past customers to join in.

WooCommerce Tips for Your Business

Integrating your social media apps to WooCommerce is only the first step. If you want a successful online business, you’ll need to make sure you’re using all of the features of this plug-in.

We wanted to provide business owners some tips on optimizing WooCommerce:

  • Take the time to highlight products if they’re new, have had price changes, or deserve special attention
  • Showing products with different colors, sizes, or materials? Add individual image variations for customers
  • Use the WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels extension to spruce up thumbnails
  • Let customers modify searches to find exactly what they need
  • Set up a layered navigation widget to allow customers to filter search results
  • Choose what products should and shouldn’t have reviews
  • Clean up any unused fields in the checkout so buyers are less likely to abandon their carts
  • Get automated notifications from WooCommerce about events or orders

These are a lot of tips to start doing at once. It’s probably a good idea to only start a few in the beginning and work your way up. Decide which of these features would most benefit your kind of business.

Integrate Your Social Media To WooCommerce

After reading this article you should have a better understanding of the benefits of integrating your social media apps to a WooCommerce website.

This integration will make it easier to promote your products or services to thousands of new people, set up ads that you can track, and making the purchasing process seamless.

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