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WordPress Tips & Tricks

Benchmarking WordPress for Better Results and Less Pain

In this article, we’ll show you to to run your own benchmarks against your WordPress site and introduce you to a few tools to help you along your journey.

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WordPress Tutorials

A Quick Guide to WordPress Multisite Hosting

If you are responsible for updating multiple websites, the last thing you want to do is hop from one WordPress account to another — logging on and off repeatedly. You want to be able to run…

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WordPress Tutorials

How to Migrate Shopify to WordPress and WooCommerce

If you’re ready to move on from Shopify, it’s time to learn how to migrate Shopify to WordPress and WooCommerce.  A lot of stores start on Shopify and learn it’s not the right fit for…

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WordPress Tutorials

How to Create a Custom Page Template in WordPress

From landing pages to special promotions, there are lots of reasons why you might want to know how to create a custom page template in WordPress. This post answers when to use custom templates and…

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WordPress Tutorials

A Guide to Custom Gutenberg Blocks

In case you’re late to the WordPress party, blocks are in. WordPress continues to evolve and improve the Gutenberg experience, which leads many developers to ask if they should create custom Gutenberg Blocks. In this…

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WordPress Tutorials

REST API in WordPress: When, Why, and How to Use It

Think of how much of your business data you store in WordPress. What if you could access it and use it in different applications? Thankfully, you can do that with the REST API in WordPress….

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Forget WordPress Hosting Free Trials – Get a Free Playground Instead

You know what to expect from your WordPress dashboard, but what about hosting dashboards? Some WordPress hosts offer free trials, but you never know if you’re getting the full experience, and there’s always that risk…

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WordPress Tutorials

How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress

Are you a control C + control V or a right-click copy/paste person? Whether you love a good keyboard shortcut or swear by the mouse, if you work on websites, you’ve probably wondered why it…

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WordPress Tutorials

How to Create a Responsive Table in WordPress

You’ve got to be kidding me… That’s what your website visitors think when they stumble on a page that’s not formatted for mobile. So, if you use a lot of tables on your site, you…

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WordPress Tutorials

How to Speed Up WordPress Site Load Time

Whether you’re on a downtown expressway or the information superhighway, no one likes to go slow. There’s not much you can do about the granny in the fast lane doing 30 mph. Fortunately, there are…

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WordPress Tutorials

How to Clear Cache in WordPress

If you work on WordPress websites, you’re probably tired of telling clients or team members to refresh their browsers to see the changes you just made. But when even that doesn’t work, it’s time to…

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WordPress Tutorials

How to Create a Staging Site for WordPress

Don’t break your live website. Create a staging site for WordPress instead. Mistakes happen. Sometimes plugins or themes just don’t work. You can try something out with a staging site without ruining your live site….